Juvenile records and expungement?

When a juvenile record is expunge, under what circumstances, would I have to list the offensive(s) that I committed as a juvenile, and how would I go about listing the offensive(s) when I cannot open my own expunge record? Also, how would you address the issue when ask about your past expunge record for law enforcement...Do I have too? Or should I just explain the best I can and let then know it's expunge, and I don't remember all the details about the conviction(s)?

So, anybody who's educated in this please answer my questions.


John. I'm asking as in wanting to apply in a law enforcement area for a job, and therefore, what would I have to answer about my juvenile record, and how do I go about getting a copy of my expunge record.

Also, I heard that different states have different rules in expungement and sealing of records, but the federal government has an act that says once a state expunges an record, the other states should honor that expungement even if they don't do expungements.

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    Juvenile records are not expunged, they are sealed. If it is a felony, it might not be sealed. For example, if you shoot at a house, that's a strike. If you do that when you are 16, and then get caught for another felony as an adult, the strike counts and you get a doubled sentence. Also, sexual crimes committed as a juvenile can make you a registrable sex offender even though you committed the crime before reaching the age of 18.

    In California, they do this even though you don't get a right to a jury, as in Apprendi v. New Jersey. Juveniles don't get a jury, but because the court is supposed to consider your best interests, the law says that makes up for it. It's not fair, but it's what it is.

    If you are applying to law enforcement, they will likely know your background as your rap sheet will produce a record of arrest regardless of any expungement or sealing. Law enforcement can pull rap sheets, private employers can't. An arrest record is not expunged or sealed.

    Source(s): California criminal defense attorney.
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    Your checklist will wipe sparkling as quickly as you turn the criminal age of an person to your state. there is no longer something you're able to do after the fact to get some thing expunged. An association must be made on the sentencing for some thing to be expunged from a checklist.

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