Nuclear Weapons and Korea ?

How will we protect ourselves. How will we retaliate?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Retaliate? Retaliate against what? Do you honestly think North Korea is going to try and attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons?

    That's the Chimpanzee part of the brain at work.

    North Korea, even if is has the bomb (doubtful) and a means to deliver it (possible but unlikely - we'll know in a few days) could still never develop an arsenal that could really threaten the U.S. North Korea's biggest security concern is an attack by America. We American's may find this prospect unlikely but I assure you it is very real to the North Korean's and they get fed a steady diet of it. What nukes do for North Korea is improved security - it reduces the risk of the U.S. attacking for fear North Korea might retaliate with nuclear weapons. To North Korea nukes are defensive, not offensive weapons. Nukes can also be a bargaining chip to gain concessions from the U.S. which is something North Korea has done in the past.

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