Steam, Valve Games????????

I just bought Call of Duty WaW

I bought it at game stop is there any way i can use steam in game like with the friend system and all

(Its a CD)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you have to have the CD in when you play that game? If not, and it installs, follow the instruction below:

    1. Open Steam

    2. Got to the "Games" tab

    3. On the bottom left, click "Add a non-steam game"

    4. Find the CoD: WaW exe (what you click to start the game)

    5. If it's not on the list, you might have to browse for it in program files.

    6. Tick the Box next to the game and add the selected games.

    7. Double-Click CoD: WaW and play!

    You can now enjoy the Steam Community in you're non-steam game, and everyone can see which games you have.

    Source(s): Past Experience.
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