I'm trying to help my sister-in-law get some questions answered?

My oldest brother had a vasectomy at the request of his then wife at the young age of 20 after his two children were born. That was nearly 15 years ago now. He has since been divorced and remarried. My sister-in-law is a truly amazing woman, and she would make a fabulous mother and would like to learn about her options for conceiving.

She really would like for my brother to be the biological father, and only wants to go through a sperm bank if it is the last resort. So, we are pretty sure that her options are down to sperm aspiration or vasectomy reversal. I have tried to do some research online, but I'm having difficulty finding resources in our area- probably because I'm not exactly sure where to look.

We would like to know if anyone knows of any specialists in the Denver Metro area, if they were successful with these doctors and how long it took, the average amount of money to expect to spend for either procedure, whether IUI can be performed with aspirated sperm, and if a Colorado Kaiser plan covers any of these treatments.

Please answer to any or all of these questions and thanks for taking the time to read such a lengthy post!!!

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    Well, he has had his vasectomy for a very long time so the chances of a successful reversal are lower. The site I mention below states a 71% chance of return of sperm with only a 30% chance of pg. They may want to look at TESTE with IVF as their quickest and best bet for a BFP. IUI can not be done with aspirated sperm. The sperm are immature and can't swim or fertilize an egg on their own. IVF is very expensive, around $17,000 per try and usually not successful on the first try. VR's cost anywhere from $1,800 to $15,000. (The price range is really strange...it's not because of how the operation goes as much as it is what doctor is doing it.) If they want to try VR first (they can always bank sperm for IVF at the time of reversal), I don't know of any experts right off the top of my head in the Denver area, but I do know of a very good doctor in AZ by the name of Sheldon Marks. (I believe he charges around $8000) He will give a free phone consultation so she may want to call his office. Also there is a good doctor in TX by the name of Dr. Cary Levette. He is very reasonably priced (around $2000, he does it as a ministry work and under local). I'm sure his office would talk to your sil as well. My hubby had a successful reversal (done at a different doctor's place than these two for $7000) so VR's do work, but he reversed his V quickly. GL to your sil and brother.

    Source(s): www.vasectomymedical.com/vasectomy-reversal-success-rates.html
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    i carnt explain to you much about the area you live in but my husband had a vasectomy reversal in 2001 and when we wnt for a consultation the consultant that dealt with us said the longer the vasectomy was the lower the chances but this was 8 years ago the advance in technology is so good today that there may be more they can do please wish your brother and he's wife the very best of luck with lots of baby dust xxxx

    Source(s): ttc for 12 months
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