how old is the following people and what plot should i go with this?

norman bates- psycho

sebastian caine-hollow man

the creeper- jeepers creepers

death-final destination

richard fenton- prom night

jack frost-jack frost(horror movie)

freddy kruger-nightmare on elm street

leather face- texas chainsaw massacre

micheal myers-halloween

racheal newman- psycho movie


sweeny todd-johnny depp played the main person

jason voorhees-friday the 13th

fisherman-i know what you did last summer

chucky-child's play

i am making a horror story and i just want to know how old they are and i am also asking if what can i make with this because i have the characters i just need a plot

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    1 decade ago
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    hmmmmm.....i'm not sure of their ages, but this seems like a pretty fun's what i would do,

    Norman Bates decided that he, and his stuffed mother, were in need of a hair cut, and thus, after much searching in his out dated phone books, he chose a barber called Sweeny Todd for the job. He had never met this Todd character before, but his add in the phone book said that 8 out of 10 customers were so thrilled with their hair cut, they died right there on the spot.

    Sweeny Todd hadnt had a customer in a long time, and he feared he might be somewhat rusty, so he decided he would need to hire an assistant. He called edward scissorhands, but sadly, he was busy. After many unfruitful interviews, Sweeny had to settle with a doll..."Call me Chucky," in a voice that meant nothing but pure evil. It was there in that moment that Sweeny realized that this would be a match made in heaven....or.....

    haha this is fun, but it's all i have time for...good luck with your story

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