Moms...can you tell me this...what is the best OTC yeast infection treatment?

So far no answers in the women's health asking you here...

I have a Rx antibiotic but with a 9 month old at home and going to school and trying to keep up some engery I really can't manage to take antibiotics...they seriously make me feel like I've been run over by a truck...a crap load of times and then some...

just wondering what the best OTC yeast infection treatment is...

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    Before I got pregnant I was on Yaz which gave me reoccurring yeast infections, no fun! I prefer the monistat 1 and not the ovule! Even though the cream seems messier, I think it works much better and (sorry if TMI) the ovule comes out all chunky - gross! Remember to take it right before bed and wear a pad. I hope you feel better soon!

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    Well, antibiotics cause yeast infections. There's a pill your doctor can prescribe that you literally take once or twice. It's not anything that lasts days. If you can't be bothered to call the doctor, then get one of those one dose inserts--you put it in at night and you'll be feeling much better by morning. Any brand is fine.

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    Yeast Infection Freedom System -

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    I would go with Monistat 7 day.

  • Sara
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    monostat always works best for me.. get the 7 day treatment, the one day and 3 day treatments can actually make it come back, do the full 7 days and know that its gone for good.

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