Positives/Negatives of Electric Radiator Fan (94 Panther, MGM)?

(94 Mercury Grand Marquis) I'm thinkin about putting an electric radiator fan in my car to keep it running a little cooler. If I do so... I would leave the other fan in? Also are there any specific things i need to know about elecric fans?

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  • paul h
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    1 decade ago
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    Before you go to that expense, you may want to try a product called Water Wetter....it's used by racers and RV owners to lower cooling temps. A lower temp thermostat ...180 degree..may help a little as well but may alter performance and economy if the vehicle's computer needs to see temps in the 195-200 degree range for proper operation. Also, make sure that any bumper lower air dams or radiator/fan shrouding is not broken or missing. Check at local parts stores or online for the Water Wetter or similiar products.


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