What are the advantages and disadvantages of working at retail pharmacy as opposed to a hospital pharmacy?

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I'm currently writing a vocation paper on the pharmacist, and I just need the above information. I've done quite a bit of research, and I haven't stumbled upon anything ...show more
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Having worked both for at least 10 years, I think I am uniquely qualified.

I am going to just make some observations and leave it you whether it is an adavantage or a disadvantage

Retail is more physically grueling i.e. longer shifts, more time spent on your feet, "holding it", deferring water/food.

Hospital involves things that TRULY need doing immediately. Actual life and death stuff

Hospital has much more interaction with other health-care professionals.

Retail has much more patient interaction

Hospital has much more politics and cliques. This is largely a function of the size of a hospital department vs. a retail pharmacy. There is also more "us vs. them" mentality in hospitals. Outpatient vs. inpatient. Clinical vs. non-clinical etc.

Hospitals have much more opportunity for education.

Retail pharmacy defines how the public views the profession, because that is who the public sees.


my wife is married to a pharmacist
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