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James Johnson to skip last 2 years at Wake Forest and declare for draft? Any truth to this?

A Cheyenne, Wyoming newspaper says so. He's supposed to make the official announcement next week. Your thoughts? Several draft websites have him going middle first round.

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    I can't say I like it when any player leaves college early to play pro. They would be a better player if they stayed. If nothing else they would at least have a college education so when they go bust in the NBA they can get a job.

    Unfortunately to these kids money talks and the NBA talks big money fast. They go for the money, only to find later that they really weren't as good as they thought they were. I guess their best hope is a couple years of big money and then hope the team manager puts cushions on their seat on the sidelines.

    As for Johnson, the local papers aren't saying anything about him leaving. Evidently if he is considering it, it's not enough to warrent media coverage just yet.

  • UCLA!
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    1 decade ago

    If he wants to play in NBA faster,it's ok

    Same happened to Rajon Rondo,forgot his 2 last years

  • pinet
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    3 years ago

    i could, prompt thousands and thousands. What if he stayed in college, and gained a profession ending harm in the subsequent 2 years, and became on no account waiting to play back. you are able to continuously pass decrease back to college.

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    it is ok if he wants to do that

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