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Tenmasa’s history spans three generations of Japanese tempura masters. The restaurant at Crown is Tenmasa’s first brand extension outside Japan. True to its

pround tradition, Tenmasas’s sake menu includes many varieties that are only available in Japan and pro-vided exclusively to the restaurant.

All Tenmasa’s ingredients are flown in from Japan. Sommelier Keith Lam explains that Tenmasa’s signature tempura dishes ate best complemented by sake that can “cut through” the oil and reach the palate. He suggests the refreshing Sawanoi Tokubetsu-Junmai(MOP 350)which has a mild acidity and sweetness, with a hint of fresh apple fragrance. Super premium Dassai Migaki 23% Junmai-Daiginjo

(MOP 3200) while very “pure” is also a good option as the taste is mild and it is medium-dry and mrdium-bodied.

Tenmsas’s dining area is designed as a system of intimate ozashiki

(traditional tatami rooms), making the rnvironment suitable for smaller groups. To make sake more accessible at these gatherings the wine list contains smaller carafes and bottles of sake. Lam says a 720ml bottle is often too much to drink in one sitting because of the drink’s more prominent alcohol taste.

Crown’s sake selection is also available at Kira (level 10, 18:00-24:00). An authentic Japanese restaurant in a modern, Kira serves favorites such as sushi, suki-yaki and teppanyaki, as well as specialties like kaiseki(Japanese haute cuisine) and kuchidori moriwase(Japanese tapas).

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    天政「Tenmasa」的歷史穿越了三代的日本天婦羅大師,澳門皇冠的分店是首間踏出日本的餐廳,是 引以為傲的傳統。我們的清酒菜單原只供日本店,現特別為澳門客人提供。


    Sawanoi Tokubetsu-Junmai(MOP 350)「沢の男山哥麿乃名取酒特別純米」最適合不過。非常純淨、且味帶溫的 Super premium Dassai Migaki 23% Junmai-Daiginjo(MOP 3200) 「獺祭」甜度剛好, 也是不錯的選擇。

    天政的環境舒適,御座敷式(傳統的榻榻米房間)的座位適合小聚。 為了方便客人,我們的酒菜單包售細裝的瓶子,由於清酒酒精含量比較多,對於喝清酒的客人來說,720ml是過多了。

    皇冠的清酒精選可在十褸的吉良買到 (18:00 - 24:00)

    吉良「Kira」是一間現代化,真誠的日式餐廳,以壽司、壽喜燒、鐵板燒、 懷石料理料理(日本高級料理)和日本小食拼盤(日本小菜)為主打。

    (譯了很久啊!) ^_^;;;;

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