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It is customary in Japan to enjoy sake with family and friends. Roka encourages this by serving bottles of sake – not glasses – at large tables and bars, along with its tapas-style Japanese menu, which focuses on robatayaki (open charcoal grill) dishes. Order a premium bottle of sake at the lounge bar to share as an aperitif before settling in for Roka’s full dining experience. Born Tokusen Junmai-Daiginjo (MOP 1,900) is a good choice if you want a drink that can be sipped on its own and will also stand up to dishes from the grill.

Roka’s London-based owner and founder Rainer Becker is passionate about Japanese food and culture and his dedication to quality cuisine has made the global restaurant brand one of the hippest in London, Arizona and now Macau. Neutral wooden furniture and rice paper lamps create a light, modern backdrop to the restaurant’s colorful food. To bring out the best in the dishes Becker and his sake sommelier work closely with brewers in Japan to create and refine the sake menu. The list includes only handcrafted sake that is produced in small amounts.

Roka’s “house” sake (pictured below) is a brew made especially for the restaurant. It is the unfortified junmai variety in which no alcohol is added during the brewing process. Using just rice, yeast, water and koji(the enzyme which changes starch into sugar), junmai sake retains its distinctive rice flavor. The drink is rich, creamy and medium-dry with hints of almond-like flavor and sweet chestnut and honey fragrance (MOP 300(cold)).

After dinner head back to the bar for Roka’s signature “shochurinhas” (MOP 70), made with shochu (Japanese vodka) and muddled fruit.

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    羅卡 <br>這是習慣在日本享有為了與家人和朋友。羅卡鼓勵本所提供的瓶酒-沒有眼鏡-大桌子和酒吧,連同其塔帕斯式日語菜單,其重點是爐端(開放炭烤)菜餚。為了溢價一瓶酒在休息室共享作為開胃酒,最後收在為羅卡充分用餐體驗。出生Tokusen Junmai - Daiginjo (澳門幣1900 )是一個很好的選擇如果你想喝酒,可sipped自己,也將經得起菜燒烤。 <br>羅卡的總部設在倫敦的所有者和創始人賴貝克爾是熱情的日本料理和文化,他的奉獻精神,以高質量的菜餚,使全球餐廳的品牌之一,在倫敦的時尚,亞利桑那州和現在澳門。中立的木製家具和宣紙燈創造一個輕型,現代化的背景餐廳的豐富多彩的食品。把最好的菜貝克爾和他的酒葡萄酒釀酒密切合作在日本建立和完善為了菜單。該名單只包括手工酒是少量生產。 <br>羅卡的“家”酒(圖下文)是一項BREW取得尤其是餐廳。這是unfortified junmai品種中,沒有添加酒精在釀造過程。只用大米,酵母,水和曲(酶改變澱粉變成糖) , junmai為了保持其獨特的大米的味道。豐富的飲料,奶油和中型乾燥,暗示杏仁樣風味和錐栗和蜂蜜的香味(澳門幣300 (冷) ) 。 <br>晚飯後頭部回到酒吧的羅卡的簽字“ shochurinhas ” (澳門幣70 ) ,用燒酒(日本伏特加)和混亂的結果。

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