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楓櫻雪 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



王子:噢! 我美麗的公主,你是我最愛的女人!




王子:當然你是囉! 你是我最深愛的女人阿!




後母:哼! 你有沒有背著我去跟那婊子在一起








母後:真噁心! 劈腿還敢說你愛我



王子:你們這對又醜又胖的母女,以為我是真的愛妳們的嘛?   笑死我了

母後、公主:又胖又醜... 太讓人難過了..

王子:啊!糟了,不小心說溜嘴了..你們也太輕易中計了    吧!











The end.

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    Prince: Oh! My beautiful princess! You're my beloved!

    Princess: That goes without saying! I'm warning you - You're doomed if I catch you fooling around!

    Prince: I won't!

    Princess: I bet you dare not! Tell me - Who's beautiful? Me or that witch?!

    Prince: It's you, of course! You're my loved one!


    Stepmother: Son, between me and the Princess, who do you think is more beautiful?

    Prince: It's you, absolutely! The Princess just doesn't compare.

    Stepmother: Are you dating that bitch in my back?

    Prince: That's totally impossible! She's so fat and ugly. I shall never be together with her!

    Stepmother: Good! Don't let me catch you...

    (The Princess dashes in)

    Princess: Are you saying me fat and ugly? Men! Execute the Prince!

    Stepmother: That's beyond your order! What do you take me for? Don't think the world revolves around you!

    Princess: How dare you betrayed me!

    Prince: Frankly, the one I really love is my stepmother!

    Stepmother: How sickening! Stop dragging me into your affair!

    Prince: Stepmom, I really love you. I'll protect you!

    Princess: My mom and I hate men fooling around! Protect her? In your dreams!

    Prince: Don't make me laugh! Both of you are fat and ugly. As if I really loved you!

    Stepmother & Princess: Fat and ugly? It's so upsetting...

    Prince: Oh! It was a slip of tongue! To think that they buy that!

    Stepmother & Princess: To hell with you!

    (The Princess and the Stepmother punch the Prince to death)

    Princess: Coward!

    Stepmother: It's a waste of my effort! I'm going to date my Little Princess!

    Prince: What a shame! You're old enough to be his mother!

    Stepmother: Shut up! None of your business!

    Princess: I'm going to see the Seven Dwarfs.

    Stepmother: You're so easy!

    Princess: Mind your own business!

    (From then on, the Stepmother and the Little Princess lead their happy life. So do the Princess and her Seven Dwarfs.)

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    Princess: How dare you betray me!

    2009-04-05 14:41:48 補充:

    Stepmother: Prince, between me and the Princess, who do you think is more beautiful?

    Prince: Frankly, the one I really love is your mom!

    Prince: Ma'am, I really love you. You should protect me!

    Princess: My mom and I hate men fooling around! Protect you? In your dreams!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Prince: Oh! My beautiful princess, you are the woman who I most love! Princess: That first tells certainly you, if you dared to divide the leg you to die have decided prince: How possible princess: Forgave you not to dare, to say! Is I attractive or the old lady is attractive? Prince: Certainly you are Luo! You are my deepest love woman Arab League! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - stepmother: Prince, you said my attractive princess attractive prince: Certainly is you, princess does not have the means the stepmother who compares with you: Humph! Have you been in violation of me to go with that whore in together prince: How possible, she is also fat is also ugly, I only then impossible with her in together! Stepmother: Very good, if you are caught by me. (this time princess flushes recently) princess: You said that I am also fat am also ugly? Comes the human Arab League! Prince will hold to cut the stepmother: You said that cuts cuts, my this queen mother is works as false? Princess: Prince, you dares to divide the leg. Prince: Actually what my true love is the queen mother Arab League! Queen mother: Really disgusting! Divided the leg also to dare saying that you loved my prince: The queen mother, I am the sincerity love you, you must protect me Arab League! Princess: Our mother and daughter are most repugnant divide leg's person, protects you? Wanted too many princes: Your this to the clown the fat mother and daughter, thought I am really loves you?   Smiled dies my queen mother, princess: Also fat is also ugly. Too discomforting. Prince: ! Bad, was not careful said inadvertently. Your also too easily intermediate total    ! Queen mother, princess: Dies! (princess, a queen mother fist fist's prince has killed) princess: The rotten person, dies! Queen mother: Wastes my strength, humph! I must go to ask the princekin to be in love! Princess: Lao Niu eats the tender grass queen mother: Closes your any matter! Princess: I must go to look for seven dwarf queen mothers: Dirty princess: Closes your trifling thing   (henceforth stepmother and princekin happiness joyful day, princess and seven dwarf also similar happiness)

    The end.

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  • 1 decade ago

    40點也很難下手去翻耶....if you knew what I meant.

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