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A sphygmomanometer cuff (not shown) preinflated to 40 mmHg was placed under the lower back to help ensure proper position throughout the exercise.

On the command of “begin exercise,” subjects contracted the abdominal muscles by drawing the belly button inwards (toward the spine), firmly pressed into the table with the supporting arm, then raised the trunk and pelvis upwards until they formed a straight line with the lower extremities. Additional instructions: Subjects did not let the trunk rotate forward or backward, nor the hips move toward the rear.

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    一個血壓計 40 mmHg的preinflated被放在更低的背面下幫助在整個練習期間保證適當的位置。

    在練習的命令上,主題透過向內(對於脊骨)畫這枚肚子鈕扣收縮腹部肌肉 ,堅定地壓進桌子用支援的臂, 然後向上提升樹幹和骨盆,直到他們用下肢形成一條直線。 附加指示︰ 主題不讓樹幹輪流向前或者向後,也非臀部移向後方。

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    血壓計袖口(沒顯示) preinflated對40 mmHg被安置了在低之下回到幫助保證在鍛煉中的適當的位置。

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    在命令「開始鍛煉」,主題通过畫肚脐收縮了腹肌在內(往脊椎),堅定地按入與援军的桌,然后向上上升樹幹和骨盆,直到他們形成了與更低的肢的一條直线。 附加指令: 主題沒有讓樹幹今後或向後轉動,亦不臀部移動朝後方。

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