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Does Federer deserve all his Sportsmanship awards when he only can acts nice when he wins?

The point is, Federer was all nice and sporty when he was winning 95% of the time. It doesn't take much sportsmanship character to be nice when you're always winning. The true test of sportsmanship comes when you start to lose. Clearly, Federer does not take his loses with much class at all. He insults other players and blame his loses on everything from the Sun to Pluto and never credits his opponent. Not that Federer is the only one who does it, but he is definitely the only one who does it and still gets a sportsmanship award!

"A true test of character comes at your most difficult times"


Daniel, I'm not gonna take it up with anyone. I'm just asking your opinion on whether or not "YOU" think he deserves the awards, not the players.

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    If Federer feels he loses to an inferior opponent cause he wasn't playing at the top of his game then of course he's not going to concede that he lost a match for any other reason than that...nor would I...and nor would anyone who wasn't putting up a front for the media...he should be respected for being up front in his interviews about why he genuinely feels he lost a match, not chastised for choosing not to be some overly cordial phony for the sake of public approval.

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    That sportsmanship award is stupid. It's not a grandslam. It's not a master series event. It's just a stupid award that means nothing. I don't think anyone deserves that. As far as I'm concerned, a true sportsman is one who doesn't cheat (kinda hard to do in pro tennis). For example, Boris Becker was unsportmanlike when he used time wasting tactics to frustrate his opponents toward the end of his career. It would be much more meaningful to have an Unsportsmanship award. Now that would actually mean something.

    How does throwing a racket make you unsporting? I don't even understand why players are fined for breaking rackets. Isn't it their own racket? It's not like the umpire paid for it. Players should be allowed to express their frustration. We need more John McEnroes.

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    First of all it was only 2 weeks ago when Murray beat him and federer did give a lot of credit to murray,article:"defeated Federer applauds Murray's court craft" I'm happy he did so because a lot of ppl here were saying that either Verdasco or murray will beat him and Fed will bring excuses...he has won the award 5 times and was voted by players who see him live,there is certainly a reason why they vote for him,right?

    not all the players who win a lot are a gentleman like Fed.there has been other dominant players for years but there r only 2 players who have won the prize 5 times . he wasn't a gentleman in his last match,but every person makes mistakes.

    about giving credits :he has given Nadal credits thousand times,including calling him the best player of the world at the moment.he gave murray credit 2 weeks ago..he gave roddick credit who beat him here last year,he gave Safin,del-potro and many other players who I can't remember now.all the other players like him,Roddick,nadal and blake praised his attitude

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    I don't think his sportsmanship is worse than any other player. It's not like he's constantly complaining about everything as you mentioned. As someone said, he's not complaining more than the average player. Ok, he broke his racket, which top player has never done that before? I think he's will a world class player win or lose.

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    @ N.I Quote: "First of all it was only 2 weeks ago when Murray beat him and federer did give a lot of credit to murray,article:"defeated Federer applauds Murray's court craft" I'm happy he did so because a lot of ppl here were saying that either Verdasco or murray will beat him and Fed will bring excuses"

    Yes, Federer FINALLY admited Murray has the game to beat him. But why aint u bringing up the times when he said there was 'nothing special' about Murray's game? Referring to him as a 'grinder'? Of cause Fed fans never wants to point those kind of things out.Federer is too perfect to say anything like that or that Rafa is a 'one-dimensional' player.

    Federer only started 'applauding' Murray and Rafa's wins against him when they started proving they can win constantly against him. Obviously it would be ridiculous if he constantly loses to them and he doesn't give credit.

    Think what you may but Federer is hardly a gracious loser.A great champion he is, he could possibly in his way to an all time great but the guy is not the perfect classy gracious baller y'all FEDophiles wants us to believe.

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    He wont win the sportsman award this year and he will probably cry again. For years this guy has been saying some nasty things about other players in interviews and giggling behind his hand up to his mouth like he was only kidding. Well mr Sportsman all I can say is what goes around comes around and I am sure he will shed many more tears this year.

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    I think Rafa has way better sportsmanship than Federer does !

    At least Rafa always gives his opponent credit. Federer sometimes says his opponent only won cause he played bad, not them playing good 8-)

    It's annoying haha :P

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    the sportsmanship award is voted by the players. take it up with them.

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    Oh no, he definately doesn't and I've been saying that on yahoo answers since they've had yahoo answers that he isn't a "graceful champion." Now Federer fans, before you give me a thumbs down please listen.

    Yes we all know he is one of the best players in tennis history, but his attitude is very subpar. Does anyone remember those commercials that talkes about a player that had a bad attitude but eventually became the tennis great known as Roger Federer. His anger issues have been there always!

    Remember in 2007 when Canas beat him twice! Federer was very reluctant to accept his defeats stating that it was himself that didn't play well and didn't aknowledge Canas' accomplishment. I tell you something, you don't lose to the same person twice and play bad both times like that. That upset me.

    It used to be when Nadal would beat him he would say things like, it was one of his weaker matches and Nadal played his best. From what I saw, Nadal didn't play at a high level either and Federer wasn't playing poorly.

    Sigh, I'm REALLY glad this happened today because people finally see what I've been saying for years! Someone who never losses will never get mad, and even in those few times he lost he had issues. Now that he's losing constantly, people can see him in this light. Thank you Murray, Djoko, and Nadal, you've exposed Federer!

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    the fans love him..every players love him...thats mean it's ur own problem..y u just turn off the tv when the great roger play ..i think it's only solution for ur own sick problem...pity on u>>>

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