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Root Canal and Dead Tooth...details below. Help!?

I had a root canal done today, because of an infection in the bone, and that the tooth was already dead. That tooth was already changing color and the nerves were already dead prior to the root canal. So is it true that after the root canal, the tooh has the same "strength level", meaning that my tooth did not become weaker after the root canal, because prior to it the tooth was already dead? It is my front tooth, and I don't bite on that tooth a lot, so do I need a crown? My tooth was dead prior to root canal and I was biting fine, with no problems. Thanks!

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    Your tooth became weaker when the nerve died. because the tooth no longer has a nerve, or blood supply to it it can become brittle over time. If it is fine now just take good care of your teeth use flouride toothpaste and maybe years down the road you might need a crown. It's hard to say. Not everyone's teeth are as strong as others.

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    A dead tooth only has two options 1 pull it or 2 root canal build up and crown. The reason is the nerve is still in the tooth and if not removed will rot. this is how the abscess starts. Root canal is youre last resot to try and save the tooth before pulling it.

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