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Need Sweet 16 luau party help for this summer.?

hey! i'm having a sweet 16 luau party. very hawaiian/tropical theme. i need party ideas! fast! please help.

about my party:

this will take place early august in nj. it will be in my backyard with about 20 people. where we live about that time of the year, the sun goes down around 8 o'clock. the party starts at 4 and ends at 11.

what will take place:

the limbo

hoola hoop contests

relaxing by the pool


silk flower leis

painted shells with guests' names on them

grass skirts

flamingo or palm tree table covers

beach balls



blow up palm trees

plastic fish bowls filled with water, sand and rocks with a flower on top

tiki torches

beach chairs


straws with umbrellas in them

aloha banner

palm tree center pieces

luau confetti

disposable cameras!


plastic silverware with a tie and flower around each


plastic tiki cups where i can write the guests' name on

fish net to drape around the back deck. here, there will be pictures of me growing up (mom & best friends are making me =/- what kind of pix should i pick out?), a list of all the guests names translated into hawaiian, pictures of hawaii, fake fish and shells...


fruit kabobs

hawaiian punch

virgin pina coladas

i'm making chocolate covered strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels for dessert.

what kind of candy should i have there? i was thinking... air heads, gum, jolly ranchers, skittles, sour patch, sweet tarts, nerds, sweetish fish....

my invitation will be a cutout surfboard with the info on it.

am i missing anything? i want this party to really be perfect! even the littlest idea is appreciated!

need help with:

ideas about food

activities to do

decoration ideas


thank you!!

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    maracas is not hawaiian. you sound so

    touristy. LOL

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