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Top 5 important dates in Israel History?

What top 5 dates/historical events do you believe are the most important in Israel History?

I know 1948 is and I know 1967 is. (israel became a nation, 6 day war)

any other important dates?

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    BTW, Israel was created in 1948 (not 1967) after it ethnically cleansed more than half the Palestinians out of Palestine, and occupied 80% of Palestine.

    In 1967 (6 days war) Israel occupied the remainder of Palestine and parts of Egypt and Syria.

    Check this answer for a brief and factual history of the conflict:;_ylt=Askhm...

    You can also find excellent documentaries on the conflict in this answer:;_ylt=AsfeC...

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    Those are good, but look up the Diaspora (the point where all of Isreal was exiled from the area known as Palestine.)

    This happend three times, first with Isreal being destroyed by Assyria for idolotrous acts, then Judea (also Isreal just split in two) being captured by Babylon for repeated evil sins, then released back to the palastine region until just after the death of Christ when they were completely exiled by the Romans in like 61 AD. Until 1921 when the UK allowed a huge imigration of Jews to the area.


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    i'd add - 1973 yom kipur war,

    1978 peace with egypt

    1992 beginning of peace process with palestinians

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