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Why do people pay money to become a walking advertisement? Why would you pay $30 for a shirt that said "ABERCROMBIE & FITCH" in big, capital letters across the shirt?


I have a friend, and half of her shirts say "HOLLISTER" in big letters.

Why would you want to conspicuously display an ostentatious logo and become a walking advertisement? What is the attraction? Why not stick to small logos or no logo that have big flashy logos that make you look like you're trying to attract attention for your brands that sell crappy clothes?


Yeah but "AERO" is not expensive at all, it is cheap crappy fabric sh** that is not worth being obsessed over.

Update 2:

James K, I'm not that way at all. I follow no group. I dress sometimes preppy, but I'm talking about TRUE traditional preppy such as plaid shorts, polo shirts, Izod shirts, cardigans, Sperrys, North Face, etc. Sometimes I'll wear something from American Eagle or Pac Sun, but not with a huge conspicuous logo. Heck, my jeans are all Lee brand, which isn't really in the "in crowd", but they're comfortable to me.

Why conform to a group in which you are fake?

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    i like those stores but i prefer the shirts that dont say ABERCROMBIE on them. i like the sweaters, jeans.. blah blah etc.

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    Abercrombie and Fitch is actually a negative influence toward children and pre-teens. They used to have R-rated catalog, and on their advertisement you would never have guess it's clothing they are trying to sell to you, all the models are half nude.

    And the only reason why people thinks they are deseve to be worn is due to the payment they pay. The more money they pay, the more chances they want to help advertise the shirt, to show people around them they are rich.

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    I wear what I want to wear. I go into Aeropostale usually because there clothes are comfortable, and I only buy there stuff if its on sale. Like I will buy when a shirt gets marked down from 30 to 7.50. I l;ike Aeropostales clothes, they make me feel good in them, so I don't care.

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    I agree. It doesn't really make sense, and usually they are just plain shirts without the logos. But, I mean, that's their life... And I guess they can go on thinking they have a true sense of personal style (but they usually don't).

    I wish people would stop defining them as preps. A true prep is the blazer, cardigan, pencil-skirt, and pearl kind of gal.

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    People don't realize how lame it looks. I'll buy from those stores (except aero...the only thing I've ever bought there are exercise pants and pajamas), but not the stuff with the name all over it.

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    I think they only want to grab some people's attention.

    As if like they're saying "Hey, look at my shirt it's A & F and I bought it at a high price."

    I think that's what happens mostly in urban fashion nowadays.

    The better the brand, the great compliments you get.

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    It's wanting to be in the "In" crowd. One littleboy/girl sees someone w/ a shirt that has a name brand goes to their parents wanting to buy them as well. Peer pressure.

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    Because they're brainwashed by society into thinking that if they don't wear those brands, they aren't "cool."

    The capitalists use things that appeal to teenagers and overprice them because they know that the majority of teens don't really care about money, and that they'll do whatever it takes to fit in and be attractive.

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    okay well here's something you should try on for size.

    maybe they like the way it looks.

    like you like the way you dress.

    i bet you;re one of those huge black band t shirt girls and the vans that think they're so cool for dumping on preps(; right?

    LOL it's not like they sent out to be an advertisement.

    it's all about opinion.

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    i totally agree. half of the people in my school do that and it annoys the crap outta me bc they all look the same. like really your gonna pay 30 bucks to look almost exactly like someone else bc usually at least everyday i will see at least 2 people with the same exact thing on. its just stupid.

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