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Do you think Federer deserves the sportsmanship award that he received for the past five years?

after his defeats, he never acknowledges his weakness or shortcomings and tries to blame his loss to anything that he can think of except himself. Today, he also did not shake hands with the umpire, a sign of arrogance. Is that what sportsmanship is all about?

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    yes he still deserves it but that good ol federer we knew from 2004-2007 is starting to fade and the ol ol federer from when he was coming up is starting to show, smashing his raket, getting an attitude on court. he need to get his **** together

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    Yes, he does

    He received that award because he was an exemplar sportsman. Perhaps he won't get it again next year, but what is true is that deserved all the 5 awards he got until now.

    But, I don't think we are being just by judging him for this mistake; it is not fair to fail to recognize all the good things he has done and obscure them for this sole error.

    See how human beings are, If he were on the top, perhaps yesterday's attitude would had gone unnoticed. Does anyone talk about Rafa's anger shown during the whole match agains DelPotro? NOOO, why???

    Because he is now #1...

    Think about it guys

    VIVA Roger!!!

    VIVA Rafa!

  • heyner
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    That sportsmanship award is stupid. it is not a grandslam. it is not a grasp sequence journey. that's purely a stupid award which potential no longer something. i do no longer think of all and sundry merits that. so a techniques as i'm worried, a real sportsman is individual who does not cheat (kinda tricky to do in professional tennis). as an occasion, Boris Becker become unsportmanlike whilst he used time dropping approaches to frustrate his warring parties in direction of the top of his profession. it may well be lots greater significant to have an Unsportsmanship award. Now which could fairly recommend something. How does throwing a racket make you unsporting? i do no longer even understand why gamers are fined for breaking rackets. isn't it their very own racket? it is not like the umpire paid for it. gamers could be allowed to precise their frustration. we prefer greater John McEnroes.

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    Roger's behavior and sportsmanship has definitely deteriorated since his game has been on the decline. He's made some tasteless and insulting comments against players like Murray (before this year's Aussie Open), Djokovic (same event), and Jankovic (pertaining to her top ranking without a slam win). Jankovic even went so far as to retort to the media and told them he was out of line. He has gotten more snippy and even downright rude as his game has declined and I think both go hand in hand. Whatever it is, Roger doesn't have his emotions under control and its had an effect not only on his personality but his tennis as well. Even with the press he gets rude and once replied "next question" when someone asked him if he felt his dominant days were over. There's nothing gracious about that whatsoever. The true measure of class is the ability to act with the same amount of graciousness after you lose as when you win and Roger is not displaying that.

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    He definitely did not deserve those awards. Why? Any sane human being could act all nice and sporty if they're winning 95% of the time. Just because Federer was nice when he was winning doesn't mean he has good sportsmanship. A true sportsman can handle loses with grace and humility. Federer hasn't showed any of that, so why would he deserve thoese awards? When he's losing, he's acting worse than most players out there today.

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    First of all it was only 2 weeks ago when Murray beat him and federer did give a lot of credit to murray,article:"defeated Federer applauds Murray's court craft" I'm happy he did so because a lot of ppl here were saying that either Verdasco or murray will beat him and Fed will bring excuses...he has won the award 5 times and was voted by players who see him live,there is certainly a reason why they vote for him,right?

    not all the players who win a lot are a gentleman like Fed.there has been other dominant players for years but there r only 2 players who have won the prize 5 times . he wasn't a gentleman in his last match,but every person makes mistakes.

    about giving credits :he has given Nadal credits thousand times,including calling him the best player of the world at the moment.he gave murray credit 2 weeks ago..he gave roddick credit who beat him here last year,he gave Safin,del-potro and many other players who I can't remember now.all the other players like him,Roddick,nadal and blake praised his attitude.

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    He didn't shake the umpire's hand because he was too upset he lost. Just because he acted a little arrogant doesn't mean he deserve it. I mean he won it for like the past 5 years for something. Just that today it wasn't his day!

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    should an olympic medal have been awarded to a person who won the event five years ago--but can't today--be taken away?

    his current behavior does not negate his conduct in the past. he demonstrated good sportsmanship in those past five years. just because hes cracking now and showing poor sportsmanship doesnt mean he didnt deserve it before

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    HAHAHAHA Nice observation dude. I also noticed that HE DID NOT EVEN SHAKE THE HANDS OF THE UMPIRE. ANd look what he DID to the POOR RACKET. HE SMASHED on the top of HIS FORCE.

  • NO,i am his fan but after acting like a sore loser(when he broke his racket) i dont think he deserves it. i think roddick or nadal should get it!

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