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The American Heavyweight Landscape might Chance Soon.?

Tomorrow Jason "Big Six" Estrada is going over to Germany to fight Alexander Povetkin who Ring has ranked number 4. If Jason can win the fight with Povetkin which I think he very well has a chance too. Do you guys think this might be a sign of things too come for American Heavyweights. IF Estrada wins tomorrow night that would throw the Ring Ranking into a tailspin.

IF Estrada wins he becomes Ranked in Heavyweight division. Then their is "Fat" Oops I mean "Fast" Eddie Chambers Ranked at number 6. Then Chris Arreola ranked at number 8. So things might not be as bad as we think they are.........Or I'm I blowing the whole situation out of proportion.

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    You're blowing the whole situation out of proportion. There are still three names that, when translated to common sense, would dictate that it doesn't matter what Estrada, Arreola or Chambers does.

    Klitschko, times 2, and Haye. Not to mention the sorry BIG Freak of nature Valuev. He's noting but still too big for the poorly conditioned "Trio" to do anything with.

    They Suck, plain and simple, Vitali won't be around much longer. Don King will feed Valuev more cab drives and table busers and the division goes to whoever proves better between Wladimir and David Haye.

    The REAL tragedy is the fact that there STILL isn't a heavyweight champion to name. RING should declare the winner of Klitschko vs Haye the True Champion and just go from there

    ............................IF the fight ever happens.

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    I haven't had a chance to break down Estrada's game. There are some interesting US heavies with ability: Kevin Johnson, Chris Arreola and Eddie Chambers. But all 3 make me crazy in their approach to the game. Most specifically Chambers, he has the skill-set to beat anyone, and had no business losing the single fight he lost, and he should have shut out Peter. Underachievers.

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    there is very small chance for estrada to win. he has zero power, shorter than povetkin and just a terrible and person with no motivation. imean this is the man who didnt even show up for olympics in shape. he does not care. povetkin should win on a tko. eddie chambers is much better than jason estrada. i do not know why you make fun of him chambers and call him fat. you do not have to be defined abs to be in excellent shape.

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    there may be some good ones to return alongside,yet i do no longer see us dominating Heavyweight boxing returned.Europe is getting the terrific running shoes those Russians and Ukrainian boxers come from damaging international locations that did no longer have the money for descent training for his or her combatants.Now they do.enable's quit making excuses,take our whippings like a guy and bypass homestead.It embarrasses me as quickly as I pay attention a majority of those excuses.human beings think of this is a typical American making excuses for yet another is turning out to be previous human beings.Boxing will,never die no longer in this international.It nevertheless is and continually will between the main conventional activities interior the international

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    Don`t let what you see on TV convince you that there are no heavy weights out here there are a lot of them on the way up .They are 4-0 to 12-0 good looking kids I have seen a lot of them there is this one kid from RUSSIA you better keep your eye on he is out of Tampa Fl. look him up if you want to see the future 6-4 261 lbs

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