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I need a middle name for the character in my book?

I am writing a book, and the girl's name is Ellie. What is a good middle name that goes well with Ellie? Nothing common like Elizabeth or Nicole. Preferably a name that is unique.☺


The last name is Hanson.

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    Ellie Rose

    Ellie Ann

    Ellie Nicolette

    Ellie Fahy [[ Pronounded Fay ]]

    Ellie Lee

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    Ellie Jane Hanson

    Ellie Christine Hanson

    Ellie Kay Hanson

    Ellie Marie Hanson

    Ellie Lana Hanson

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    Okay I've got a lot for ya':

    Ellie Bridget

    Ellie Rae (Ray)

    Ellie Victoria

    Ellie Mikayla (Makayla)

    Ellie Madison

    Ellie Madelyn (Madeline)

    Ellie Natalie

    Ellie Sierra

    Ellie Mackenzie

    Ellie Gabriella

    Ellie Taylor

    Ellie Jennifer

    Ellie Claire (Clare)

    Ellie Sarah (Sara)

    Ellie Hannah (Hanna)

    Ellie Ryan (Most people think of Ryan as a boys' name, but I think it is pretty for a girl)

    Ellie Traeh (Tray/Trey/Trae) (Heart spelled backwards)

    Ellie Jade (or try Ellie Jada)

    I could go on forever, so I guess I'll stop. If you want any more ideas for any names let me know because I absolutely LOVE picking out unique names!

    And what is the last name going to be? Because some of these middle names wont sound well with some last names. For example, if her name is Ellie ___ Ryan, it wouldn't exactly be the greatest idea to choose Ryan as her middle name. And Ellie Sarah Smith sounds a bit annoying with too many S's.

    Say the name over again a few times and make sure that it flows well. You don't want to stick your character with an annoying or strange name unless it is intentional.

    Good luck on choosing a name and on writing your book! I love to write too. If you send me a message or e-mail me, maybe we could preview each other's work =]

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    Ellie Sophitia

    Ellie Allesandria

    Ellie Alyss

    Ellie Cerena

    Ellie Victoria

    Ellie Ariala

    Ellie Evelyn

    Ellie Merivilyn

    Ellie Rae

    Ellie Isabella

    Ellie Rosalyn

    Ellie Amberlynn

    Ellie Ravena

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    Ellie Ayesha Hanson

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    I wonder what her parents were like when she was born? The name parents give a child when they're born says a lot about what they hope for this child's future.

    Maybe 2 middle names because they couldn't decide?

    Something old fashioned after an aunt or grandma?

    Sometimes a middle name is the mother's last name/ maiden name.

    Maybe its a man's name after a man in the family, especially if Ellie has no brother to take the family name. That might add something to your story, that the father or grandfather wanted a junior and all they got was Ellie. So Ellie get's her father/grandfather's name as her middle name.

    Were her parents hippies? It could be something like Moonflower, Stargazer, etc.

    Every name has a story. Ask your parents why they picked your name.

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    Ellie Verona

    Ellie Hazel

    Ellie Sofia

    Ellie Mina

    Ellie Faye

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    Ellie Micail

    Ellie Lashay

    Ellie Alexandra

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    Ellie Jeanine Hanson

    Ellie Maureen Hanson

    Ellie Belle Hanson

    Ellie... Bari Hanson? ^^;;

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    Ellie Dayne

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