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We have just finished ready Les Mis in my English class and now we must write on essay on a topic of our choice. I like the topics Love, Justice, and Mercy. The essay has to be at least 3 pages. I need help deciding which topic would be easiest to do and what i could write about pertaining to that topic that would fill up a whole 3 pages. (Also if you have a different topic that i could write about that might be easier, please feel free to mention it and what ideas i could use to do 3 pages). Thank You!

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    Les Miserables - Victor Hugo

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    Character from Les Misérables. Enjolras was the leader of the revolution, a stark contrast to Marius, who was much too busy with the affairs of his heart.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you're on a roll with Love, Justice, and Mercy tbh I absolutely adored Les Mis to pieces I'm a huge fan if it were me I'd be writing a page on each. Of course I'd probably wind of with 4 pages due that the first para. having to be your opening. Just relate the Love, Justice, and mercy to the concept of Les Mis and you'll ace it with flying colors. Also watch some clips of Les Mis's play on you tube. It'll help you to see the expressions of each of the characters.

    Love always: Jada Blaze

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  • filip
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    1 decade ago

    You should write about duty! You should describe how duty interacts in that story with respect, Justice, Mercy and love. The duty of Jan against its past and that little girl, the priest's duty that save him from going back to prison and the policeman that hunt him down without stopping!

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  • 3 years ago

    Javert~Love of the regulation. or in line with danger no longer love, even even though it is ingrained into him so deeply that as quickly as met with Valjean's mercy he kills himself. The regulation became all Javert has. Eponine~unrequited love with Marius. Enjolras~Believes in freedom and democracy so deeply that he announces it his "mistress" (i think of). Grantaire~there became some controversy with him as quickly as we stated it. i choose for to declare he 'loves' Enjolras even even though it would desire to no longer be the main suitable observe. He talks approximately Enjolras like he's a god and looks as much as him. i think of it is because of the fact Enjolras would nicely be so enthusiastic approximately some thing while Grantaire is only cynical and inebriated. So Grantaire would desire to have 'enjoyed' Enjolras because of the fact he's a few thing that Grantaire can on no account be. Uh...wish that facilitates fairly

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