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another shooting in the US when will america have stricter controls on guns?


today up to 13 dead

March 2009: A gunman kills a total of 11 people in a series of shootings southern Alabama

Dec 2008: A gunman dressed as Santa Claus kills nine people and himself on Christmas Eve in LA

Sept 2008: Six people die in a series of shootings in the north-west of Washington state

June 2008: A worker at a plastics plant in Kentucky kills five people before killing himself

Apr 2007: 32 people and the gunman die at the Virginia Tech campus

does america need stricter gun laws

how many more Innocent people will it take to get killed be for america changes gun laws


you americans dont under stand why do you think you have highest rate of shootings any were in the developed world you need gun for potection why because every one has them and are allowed to in the uk we dont need guns why because almost no one has guns if some has a gun lawfully then one day decides to turn to crime or just has a funny turn he can get his gun and kill thats not right

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    Oh dear God, not more shootings.

    To answer your question you need only take a look at the answers you'll get from the yanks. They'll all be pretty moronic, take DM for example.

    They are all so wrapped up in this barbaric right to own AK47s that not one of them is the least bit bothered that people died today.

    You never know it could be Darwinism at work. All the Gun Crazies in the USA might kill themselves to such an extent that only the non gun owners (the rest of the world) are left.

    You'll notice that only the non gun crazies have any feeling towards the victims of these shootings ... the crazies all blame everything that moves (except for their precious guns) for such events. Strangley though, very few friends and families of gun crime in the USA go on TV and still support the American culture of death.

    Now everybody sit back and watch the yanks call for my hanging, as they loose their f*cking minds!!!!

  • Linda
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    Both sides can use the recent VA massacre to further their argument. The pro-gun people can say, "If the laws weren't so strict then somebody could have shot the guy before he killed so many people." The anti-gun people will argue in favor of banning all guns. Personally, I would never be in favor of giving up my right to own and carry a gun. The laws only hurt law abiding citizens, criminals don't care what the law is. It can be argued further, so many guns are produced and so many are already out there unaccounted for, I don't see any easy answer to the gun problem in the USA. One thing that can be done immediately is to stop the drug war and focus more on the illegal gun trade. One argument would be to limit or ban the manufacture of new guns, this would drive up the price of existing guns and put the poor at a disadvantage, they have an equal right to defend themselves. One thing to consider, it is ultimately the duty of the people to defend ourselves, take the 9/11 terrorist attacks for example, all the money, intelligence, miltary, police, air marshalls, etc. in the world couldn't stop a few guys with razor blades, in the end it was the citizens who defended themselves, armed with nothing more than information, and brought down the plane in Pennsylvania and saved who knows how many lives. But then one could argue if the terrorists were allowed to bring guns on board then nobody would've been able to stop them. I really don't know then answer, except to say I would never want to give up my guns, ever, because it is a dangerous world we live in and I feel much safer being armed.

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    the fact is all these shootings are the fact of average people who get nuts at some point of their life. if it was harder to get a gun maybe that would decrease the shooting rate. try to commit some mass murder with a pocket knife, i guess it must be so much harder. that would not erradicate the problem, but at least that would reduce it. and the answers style " when a socialist president ... blablabla, or guns are inanimate objects" are completely irrelevant. If you live in the jungle you may need a gun to hunt. In new york cuty there is nothing to hunt. guns should be 100% prohibited for everyone who is not a cop..

    @sparky our constitution was written 200 years ago at a time when the country was pretty wild and unsecure. times have changed. most of guys today that turn crazy and go to a shooting spree do it after going to the pawn shop where they are barely asked to show an ID card. no criminal check up, no psychologic study ( unlike in some european countries) . i persist in saying that if you are not a cop or in the military, you do not need a gun. Of course bandits will always find a way in the black market to get a gun but these are not the guys you have seen in all these sad stories

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    This topic more than any other illustrates the USA's scant regard for history and it's interpretation.

    The original right to bear arms came about when the individual colonies were too poor to form their own defences, it was therefore decreed that each man should maintain a firearm in order to form a militia should the need arise. This militia became the National Guard, thus negating the need for all citizens to be armed. The declaration was never retracted and through common law the right was, wrongly in many peoples opinion, left in the constitution.

    Many better educated historians believe that the public's interpretation of the constitution is not within the spirit of the document.

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  • Sparky
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    The writers of our Constitution guaranteed the right to bear arms because of the government tendancy to quell dissent. Citizens have a right to protect themselves. While we don't now have a reason to protect ourselves from the government, we do have reasons to believe there are homicidal maniacs out there.

    It would be impossible to remove all of the guns from our society. If a law was passed that everyone had to turn them in, only devout law abiding people would do it, and the other law abiding people that didn't would then become criminals for not. So only criminals would have guns. Not a good prospect.

    At this point in time, it would be a better idea to concentrate on making our society better by eliminating (yeah, sure) unwanted pregnancy so that all children are born into loving families. This would then help to have properly nurtured children to become productive members of society.

    We should also strive to have our children learn that life is precious and not to be wasted. There are too many out there now that have no idea what life actually means or is worth.

    Until things change, I'd rather see everyone in the United States take firearms training. Then if they wanted to they could be armed and when something like this happens, it would end sooner than later.

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    Typical anti-gun rant. Nothing worthwhile, your entire post is based on the availability heuristic. Your fear is totally irrational. Add up the numbers you gave for the last *two* years and compare it to dog attacks, lightning, and other bizarre forms of death for *one* year.

    Also you lie. Our neighbor to the south has a higher murder rate than we do, and also very strict gun laws.

    Why don't you admit you don't care about human lives, but have an irrational fear of guns? Why else would you advocate the inevitable civil war that would result from a gun ban and shredding of the Constitution?

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    I guess you would not realize it is more often than not illegal guns that are used in the commission of crimes, not legally obtained ones. So as for stricter gun laws, all that would do is give the criminal more opportunity to cause scenes like you mention. If more people carried legal weapons, the criminal would have been dead before his or her crime got that far. (BTW. in the VT case, it was illegal to have a gun on campus) or in a majority of the cases you stated. Why should we change our laws to make you happy? You know if just one person had a gun in the area of the bombings in UK, they might have been able to stop it from happening. Strange how things can be looked at from more than one aspect.

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    Criminals have plenty of guns in the UK. It's getting so bad they're even considering arming their police officers, which has never been done before. NY has some of the strictest gun laws in the USA and it didn't do them a damned bit of good. In Texas, that creep wouldn't have gotten off more than 3 rounds before he was fired upon from every angle on the compass. The cops can't be everywhere, and they can't always get to where they're needed in time. As the old bumper sticker says, "When guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have guns!"

  • Andrew
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    Do you want to see more facts about shooting in Great Britain or Europe? Do you still fill soo f..n civilized out there?

    You don't see, or don't understand one thing. All these shooting happened in places where gun law is very tough. No mere people could carry a gun for self protection. And people who careless about the law could care any gun they want and shoot anybody they want. Police and forces respond only after the fact, when shooting had already happened.

    In places where law allow to carry gun for protection, criminal is going to think twice before assault anybody, because even 80 years old lady could carry a Colt in her purse and respond on unfriendly fire right away, not 30 minutes later as Police usually does.

    Lawful people don't shoot guns on the streets. Gangsters, thugs, crazy and stupid do, and they don't care how strict your gun law is. The stricter the better for them, not for you.

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    America needs to look at its morals for crying out loud. Murder is against the law, but obviously the Law does not stop murder does it. Most murders are not caused by guns. Enforce the laws on the books and we will not need new laws that criminals will pay no attention to you Dufus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE MORAL DECAY OF YOUR LAND, GROW UP.

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