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Does Anyone live in Kenya?

Does Anyone here live or has lived or even been on holiday to kenya and could tell me what its like

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    I live in Kenya and I'm Kenyan. Kenya is a country of contrasts - Nairobi is the Capital City - Its a cosmopolitan city with all cultures. There are many foreigners in Nairobi. Nairobi hosts the Headquarters of UNEP and UN Habitat (the only UN Headquarters located in a third world country). Nairobi has upmarket neighborhoods and also poverty stricken slums.

    Security in Nairobi used to be an issue but right now the situation has improved.

    Anyone can live in Kenya, I say this because Kenya has different cultures that are Kenyan - there are Black Africans, Indians, Arabs and Whites.

    Kenya is also one of the leading tourist destination in Africa - with white sandy beaches at the coast and wildlife sanctuaries scattered within the country - with Maasai Mara being the most famous.

    Kenya is known for long distance runners in athletics but Kenya is now also doing very well in Rugby Sevens (they reached semi-final in the world cup), Its also one of the top cricket playing country in Africa. Football is also very popular in Kenya.

    If you want to come to Kenya - then i advice you to come - its not perfect but there is something special about Kenya that makes people to come back. From Aristocrats that have made Kenya there home to Diplomats that come and never leave once there terms end.

    In Kenya you will get the most friendly and enterprising people in Africa.

    (And the Obama - factor, He is not Kenyan but his father was Kenyan. He wasn't born in Kenya but came as a grown Man, his extended family lives in Kenya - he visited Kenya as a senator and went to his fathers village, he also delivered a lecture at Nairobi University )

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    I do!

    You should take it to someone who has lived or is still living in Kenya coz someone who has only visited can only give you their impression of Kenya.

    Maurice K is right on most of what he said only on the Obama facts he had visited Kenya once before as a student before he was even a senator.

    I live in Nairobi so I can give you some facts about Nairobi.

    It's sunny most almost year round we get 2 rainy/cold seasons in a year . Lately it had been quite hot and many people were quite relived when there was finally some rain.

    About the people: we are just people basically like any others but of course we have a culture of our own which is sometimes misunderstood.

    Like stated in a prev. answer it's a city of contrasts and you may get two totally different accounts from people who've only been one of the extremes.

    For the majority they are in for a reason and a season they plan to retire in upcountry(rural homes).

  • Obama was born there but he says it sucks. That's why he left half of his family there to waste away.

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