Rejected from the University of Michigan?

I just received my rejection letter from the University of Michigan School of Nursing! I'm homeschooled, have a 3.9 gpa, 28 ACT score, essays that were amazing! WHAT GIVES?!


Low ACT? I'm the top 8% What do you expect a 30+ ? It's more than your ACT score.

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    1 decade ago
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    well your gpa is good and your ACT score is pretty good too. dont listen to the people that say your ACT score is bad, the national average on the ACT is a 21. wish i could get your score. sorry you didnt get in. but its not you because you obviously do well in school, its just that school isnt easy to get into.

    remember youre competing against so many other applicants while applying to this school, and they cant accept everyone unfortunately. ive known people with 4.0's and perfect ACT scored and they've gotten rejected. dont feel bad.

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    do no longer even think of you're rejected until December twenty 5th! verify your application on the U of M internet site to work out in the event that they are nonetheless waiting for a decision. additionally, verify your e mail and unsolicited mail!! I heard they e-mailed scholars final year with their admission judgements. and whether you do not get into U of M for the 1st year, pass to although college you please for the 1st year and then persist with as a customer student for the summer semester 2011. That way, that's going to be less complicated which you will exchange into an entire time student in the autumn of 2011. yet do no longer even think of of something like this until December twenty 5th!

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    I'm sorry. Don't beat yourself up over it because you seem to be a very good and dedicated student. It shows that increasingly, colleges are being much more selective, and this year more students were rejected than accepted at University of Michigan.

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    Agreed ACT score isn't the best. But why not take the SATs? Some schools don't even accept ACT scores.

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    It's hard to say. The only thing I see, based on what you gave me, is that your ACT score is kind of on the lower side of their averages. I don't know what their admit profile is for nursing this year - that's a competitive program.

    And sometimes it goes beyond academics.

    I hope you get into some other schools that you like.

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    1 decade ago

    Can you afford to pay your way? Now that the BO/DEMS have control; many schools have become elitist.

    Source(s): see: "paying in full as the ticket into colleges"
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    1 decade ago

    homeschooling...dude is right below me

    if u got the funds..youre in, thats how i got in

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