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Who is best, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, or Tony Romo?

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    A Superbowl ring does not mean Eli is better out of the three...if that's so, I guess it also means Plaxico Burress is better than T.O., Randy Moss, and Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Jacobs is better than Adrian Peterson, L.T., and Clinton Portis....yea I don't think so...Tony Romo overall quarterback rating is 94.7, Cutler is ranked at 87.1 and Manning at 76.1

    1) Tony Romo

    2) Jay Cutler

    3) Eli Manning

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    I'd say Cutler.

    Both Eli Manning and Tony Romo have been good with top wide receivers, but now they're gone. I'm assuming Burris isn't going to be coming back this year. Cutler proved he's decent without having a top 5 Wide receiver, even though his receivers certainly weren't terrible.

    My girlfriend is a big Giants fan and I watch a lot of their games with her. I'm unimpressed by Manning and think he's a little overrated because of his superbowl. He was good at managing the games during that span, but it was his defense that was responsible for that playoff run. Whenever Burris isn't playing Eli seems to really struggle. Don't forget he had 27 turnovers the regular season he won. He's certainly not a bad fantasy QB, but I think Cutler is much better.

    I would rank Romo second out of these three. He did lose Owens, but now he has Roy Williams who I think will be much better this year then he was last year. Close between him and Cutler. Cutler is more of a gunslinger imo though, and I expect the Bears to pick up a good WR this year, either in free agency or a draft pick. Holt or Harrison maybe?

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    Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler, has a great defense be hide him in Chicago unlike in Denver and plays in a easier division than Romo and Eli.

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    Eli manning

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    Jay cutler

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    I'll take Tony Romo any day of the week. Say what you want to say about him, but the guy is a haas. He has the best numbers by far of the three and is only getting better. If you really think he's going to choke his whole career you're lying to yourself.

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    the one with the ring... eli manning

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    no question eli.manning he,s way better then the other two.

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