Is there a vaccination for cervical cancer for women over 27?

Hi I am 28 and does it mean no hope for me to get the vaccine for this? Or it just wont work with women over the age of 26? Can anyone please tell me if u do know? I understand that you get free vaccine if you are not over 26 but what about those who are older, are we even allowed to pay for it or it just wont do anything anyway?

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    Well the answer to your question is "It all depends". Officially, the Guardisil HPV vaccine is only indicated to initiate the series for women up to the age of 26. However as the previous person (Denisedds) it will not help you for something you already have is not accurate. A vaccine is given to induce an allergic response to part of the virus so that you body can recognize it and destroy it easier. Many people have the active virus because their immune system has a poor ability to recognize it as foreign or they lose the antibody titer to give sufficient control of an existing infection.

    Just look at older adults who get shingles which is an adult outbreak of chicken pox (Herpes Zoster). Even though the person had chicken pox as a child.... thus the immunity from being exposed, can still break out with them again as an adult. We vaccinate adults with ZosterVax to rekindle their immune response to Herpes Zoster. The same thought pattern now exists for Guardisil and is being researched as we speak. My gut feeling on this is that Merk Sharp Dohme (MSD) will apply for an amendment to their indications for the vaccine soon.

    Look at this:

    Gardasil May Be Effective in Older Women

    ......."A 2007 study conducted by the pharmaceutical company Merck shows that the HPV vaccine Gardasil may be effective at preventing HPV in women up to age 45. Currently, Gardasil is only approved for use in females age 9 through 26.

    Approximately 3,800 women age 24 to 45 participated in the study; two thirds were not infected with any of the targeted HPV strains, while one third were infected with at least one strain. Half were immunized with the recommended three doses of Gardasil, while the remaining half of women were given a placebo. The women were followed for 20 months.

    Merck reported a 91% reduction of persistent infection, low-grade cervical abnormalities, cervical pre-cancers, and external genital lesions caused by the four strains of HPV that the vaccine protects against.".....

    There is also a drive to make the vaccine available for men as well. It is equally effective in men (not for cervical cancer) :) but it does help stop the spread to women and men also can get penile cancers from the same strains of the virus that cause cervical cancer in women. There are over 40 known strains of the HPV virus. Guardisil immunizes you against 4 strains , 2 of which are known to cause 70% of cervical cancers. the other 2 strains cause genital warts. That still leaves you unprotected agains 30% of unknown cause or from other strains.

    Oral sex can also cause throat cancers from the same virus so just because you haven't had vaginal sex yet, you are still at risk. By the age of 26 almost 50% of women and men carry at least one of the 40 strains of the virus.

    Source(s): Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Immunizer
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    There is no vaccine for cervical cancer or any cancer.

    The vaccine you are referring to is for HPV. Most people who have been sexually active (not just intercourse) have been exposed to HPV and a vaccine cannot protect you against something you already have. This is why the vaccine is recommend starting at age 9. There is nothing about this that makes anyone look like a slut. I think it’s a given at 26 just about everyone has been sexually active.

    Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
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    The way my gynecologist explained it to me was that I have already been sexually active enough and have been exposed to the virus to the point where the vaccine is ineffective.

    It would be like getting a measles vaccine after getting the measles.


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