I can't stop farting while running, why is this?

Now i know its a funny question, but i don't know if you have had similar problems or know why I'm having thi problem. It's most embarrassing because i run on the treadmill at the gym. I don't care if i do it around guys, but i hate having to do it around girls. Is there a reason why this is happening and how do i prevent this. Should i use gas-x???? plese help

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    Your food is what causes the gas, so check your diet for gas-producing foods, and avoid them most of the time.

    When you are running, you are using your efforts toward the running process, and, in addition to that, your digestion is being "helped along" by the exercise, so any gas in your system is moving along with great speed. It would be more difficult to suppress gas while running, as you can guess.

    Some people do fart more than others, too, and that's a fact. If it is a real embarrassment, and you want to reduce the chance that you will pass much gas, do not eat for hours before running on the treadmill.

    Reward yourself with a meal afterward--you will be surprised that your appetite will be smaller, and you will be full sooner.

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    4 years ago

    Ha there is 3 issues u can do..a million) exchange your eating recurring and devour much less meals that reason you to have gas 2) Take that drugs that relieves gas 3) gas is gateway to poops..Use the bathing room greater and you wouldnt could fart lots considering which you will no longer have any stank interior the tank =]

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    gas x.you are pushing extra out of your body.

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    1 decade ago

    is it mostly when your running

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