Top Issues - PlayStation 3 & XBOX 360?

25 points to anyone who can term down top 5-7 issues of XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3.. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Xbox 360

    1.HIGH failure rate

    2. Disc Sratching

    3. Noisy

    4. Have to pay to be online and $100 for wireless adapter.

    5. Microsoft never admits it's faults.


    1. Had a high price originally.

    2. Not so many games but is getting more!

    3. Ps2 compatibility had some issues ( no its gone completely)

    4. Only comes with Standard cables. The pro andElite 360' come with High Definition and HDMI.

    Ps3 has better graphics then the 360. It's the game developers who just haven't got used to blue ray yet. Not the PS3, thats why 360 fans say the 360 has better graphics when it really doesn'.t just upscales.

    PS3 can use ANY BLuetooth headset. If you buy the sony headset you can use it with ANY cell phone too!

    Ps3 online is free and how websurfing and PS home. The360 has a fee of $60 in my area. (and thats for 1 year)

    Ps3 comes with battery charger, and controller doesn't die out as quickly as the 360 ones do. To get a wired charger for a 360 is another $20.

    Ps3 can play more media then a 360

    Ps3 is much more reliable.

    And a Ps3 is cheaper.

    for $400 you get an 80 GB ps3 with built in wifi and free PSN. with blueray playing, psp connectivity...

    For $300. You get a 60 GB xbox 360 PRO

    Then another $100 gets you wifi ( now your at the same price as a ps3!)

    Then $50-60 for xbox live.

    Then $20 for a charger.

    Thats $480 right there. ( dont forget tax :D )

    . im just saying you get a much better deal with a ps3. Since it plays blueray, and has all this other functionality.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    PS3 Issues:

    Not as many people own it. 23 Million people have PS3s 27 million people have Xbox. Not a huge difference.

    People don't talk as much when they play online. Not a big deal either but it's out there.

    Xbox issues:

    Red Ring of Death- When the Xbox over heats it lights up all red and breaks down. 33% of all Xboxes get this a year.

    E74- A common error for Xboxes that makes them break, unlike the Red Ring this is not covered by the warranty.

    33% Failure rate.

    You have to pay 50$ a year to play online.

    It's a scam it's cheaper than PS3 because it does not have built in Wi-fi you have to pay 100 extra $ to use it.

    PS3 is better.

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  • kozzm0
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Xbox top 7 count down:

    7) always breaks

    6) have to pay for online

    5) limited to direct X 9, not built to last

    4) plays games from dinky little 9gb dvd's

    3) no dedicated development for good exclusives. Hired exclusives only

    2) no web browser, no 3rd party OS.

    drum roll...

    1) Microsoft is EVIL


    7) All they keep making is the same crap shooter, over and over again, mostly, just with a new title.

    6) No cross-game chat. I don't care but it makes other people wiiiiine all the time

    5) Playstation Home - disaster.

    4) web browser lacks java support, and can't play .wmv or quicktime streams. Why not quicktime?

    3) They still won't release Gran Turismo 5. I suspect that in fact, there is no Gran Turismo 5, it was all a hoax.

    2) graphics chip is locked out under linux.

    drum roll...

    1) yours probably can't play ps2 games. Mine can... ha ha! j/k.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    PlayStation 3

    Games have to be installed

    In Game XMB is slow

    Music cannot be played during games

    Updates take ages

    Games take up a lot of HDD space

    Online PSN profile is abit plain.

    Xbox 360

    High hardware failure rate


    crashes alot

    xbox live costs money

    dashboard isn't as good as PS3's XMB

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  • 1 decade ago

    Best Answer is 10 Points, and answering a question is only 2. So a total of 12 points.

    How are you going to give us 25?

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  • Jeff S
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    1 decade ago

    PS3- sometimes online play can be slow, the price at first was too much but its reasonable now, newer systems arent backwards compatable, takes forever to update the system

    XBOX 360- I hate the controller, you have to pay to play online, cant play blue ray movies, that red circle thing?, discs get scratched sometimes

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We get 2 points for answering you. 10 points for being chosen as "Best Answer". One thumbs-up from you is another 1 point. That's 13 points. Maybe some other thumbs-ups from people. But you still don't know that.

    Can you please tell us how you are going to give us 25 points?

    You are a L-I-A-R. That spells LIAR.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Xbox 360

    Red Ring of Death

    HD TV

    50$ online

    cheapest console

    2nd selling console

    Xbox Live


    Playstation Network

    3rd selling console

    most expensive console

    free online

    Blu Ray

    thats all i could come up with

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  • 1 decade ago

    First give me 25 points, then I will tell you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    best answer is only 10 points.. how can you give 25 points?

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