Jehovah's Witnesses, how old were you when...?

How old were you when you were baptized? If you weren't born into a family of Witnesses and started a study later in your life, how long did you study before getting baptized?

I currently have a weekly study with a sister from the Kingdom Hall my husband and I attend. I've seen the baptisms at the District Convention about a month ago but I was just wondering what the process is.

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    I was 14 , My mother and her entire family were very devout and my father was a hidden apostate - he took me to churches and told me to pretend to be a Jehovah's Witness and he wouldn't tell on me.

    Well I told on him and got the beating of my life, I dedicated my life to Jehovah at the age of 12 and was being severely persecuted from the age of 14 - 21. My mother stayed with him for financial and health insurance reasons. My sister and her were severely sick always near the point of death. So I guess I made the truth my own at a very early age. I became a regular pioneer at the age 16 and wasn't allowed to go to pioneer school until I was 18 , despite everything my baptism and becoming a pioneer was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

    I was delighted 3yrs. ago to hear that I was one of many in my congregation and the youngest to attend the Pioneer School for 2nd. Praise Be Jehovah, because I was able to go without having any stresses in my life, like before.

    It takes time to learn the truth and to adjust your life,time to the standards of Jehovah. Be patient your time will come.

  • Hello (future I hope) Sis,

    I was baptized on 8-2-86. It was great because I quit smoking on 8-2-85. I studied a time or two before that wonderful day.

    I knew it was the truth since the age of 11. I didn't know how to make it my own until I was married. Also, I learned to rely on Jehovah, instead of myself.

    There was a few things I wanted to share with you for if or when you get baptized.

    1) Say a prayer like Jesus did when going under. It makes it so much more intimate.

    2) Remember that feeling that comes with baptism. That feeling of a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around you. It's God's peace. That's how we will be feeling 24/7 in the new world.

    3) When you go under the water, it doesn't feel like a few seconds. It's amazing because it felt like time stopped for me.

    4) Have someone to go in the dressing room with you as an attendant. It helps if you're nervous. They can help you.

    5) Buy an extra disposable camera or two and ask a couple of teenagers to take pics for you in different angles. You'll be glad you did.

    6) On a serious note. You will feel no different than you do now. You will either move forward, or backwards at this place in your life. Depends on you. You are accountable to Jehovah whether you get baptized or not. The most important thing is have a goal in mind immediately after baptism. So many don't, and it's like baptism is the only goal. So-o they stop doing anything afterwards and become inactive or worse.

    Remember baptism is just the beginning of the rest of your life. =)

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    Isn't it strange that Jw's bible students come out of any number of existing religions to become a bible student, where is the knowledge that they bring with them? When I decided the people I was surrounded by, did not know the bible, so why were we there? I put the bible first. Imagine 100 people in one building, 100 meanings for soul, hell, heaven, spirit and most all subjects. Once people began to study the bible, it is a whole new world, then begans the bible student to consider all the thing the religions ignore and neglect, on these areas the other religions make fun of those who try to know what they never even try in the first place. The other religions do not want to loose any members to be bible students that have an open book to the world that they are considering everything before they decide what is what, what is a keeper, the past is a great teacher. Bible students make a breakthrough while the vast number of religions are stuck in the same old rut [ a belief system ], when you look back 60 years to see where you were. People must exercise care, do not bring any of religion [ or world ], foward, drop it all [ some old stuff is because the past is not dropped soon enough ], in exchange for the bible truth. Bible students are the best the world has to offer, Acts 11:26. Philip. 2:5,9-12, take on the mind of Christ. At Jesus 2nd coming, what else does he need, how many people resurrected back to Abel [ how much of the world believes the resurrection goes back that far ], Abel died year 130, among many of those who have not seen God's word? John 12:47,48.

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    My parents started studying in 1957 when I was 10. I knew about the truth before then due to another family member and had read several books before then.

    I sat in on my parents' study, which due to my dad's work schedule, I could only do in the summer. During the school year, I didn't study, but my Dad took us kids to the meetings, so I continued to learn thru meetings and personal reading.

    This kept up till I was 17 and went to college. I contacted the congregation in that area and began a regular study of my own.

    What was interesting was that I was a publisher during these years. This made me keep up my studying on my own. I even helped classmates to learn the truth and I didn't have my own study.

    The final book I studied before baptism was "Things in Which it is Impossible to Lie". And I had to answer my questions out of the "Lamp" book. I was 21.

    The sister that was studying with me when I was baptized died just this past Monday and I went to her Memorial Service 5 hours ago. A heavy heart, but she was really a worker for Jehovah. She set an excellent pattern for me.

    I have now been baptized for 40 years. And time flies.

    So from the first time I started REALLY studying to the time I was baptized was 3 1/2 years. But I moved from college, moved home, moved out, got married, moved to three different congregations, and THEN got baptized, starting over with new conductors every time.

    Everybody has their own set of circumstances. There is NO set amount of time.

    Now that I conduct studies with others, the average is 1 1/2 year to 2 1/2 or 3 years.

    Source(s): One of Jehovah's Witnesses
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  • badger
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    Started to study in 1975 out of the Truth book and was baptized in June of 1979 at 23 years old.

    Keep studying!

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    I was 24 and that was back in 1987. I have no JW family members.

    I studied the Truth book for 2 months on my own and then studied the Live Forever book and United in Worship with a sister. I studied 4 months before my baptism.

    I'd been raised in religions and studied a lot of religious history in college though so I already knew a lot of it.


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    I was raised in the truth but it was definitely a personal decision. Actually you just have to prove that you understand what is taught and you make a personal dedication in prayer to Jehovah. You discuss with the brothers that you wish to get baptized and then you go over 3 sets of questions in the Knowledge book. It's mainly very basic teachings and you really have to study for some of them but it wasn't that difficult. I am really glad that I was able to decide for myself when the right time to get baptized was, my parents didn't force me I made the choice myself. I was baptized at 16 and I have continued to enjoy every minute of my ministry and serving Jehovah to the fullest extent.

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    I was 33 when I got baptized back in '96 and I studied for 2 years prior.

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    I studied for 6 months and was 33 when I was baptized.

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    I came into the truth at 14 studied for 3 years and got baptised last November

    Agape Tee :)

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