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Get rid of ad.doubleclick.net?

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I get the annoying pop-up ad.doubleclick.net. I've tried a couple of things I found on cnet. Didn't work. Any ideas?
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  • ? answered 6 years ago
Sure, thats easy...

1. Click Start / My Computer
2. Navigate to : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
3. Double click on hosts
4. Select Notepad from the list and click Ok
5. It will open you a new window
6. The last line should be : localhost
7. Click behind localhost and click Enter to get in the new line
8. Type :
9. Go to File → Save
10. Exit

This will block all connection ad.doubleclick.net tries to make to its server, so all pop-ups should be permanently gone now. You can also add :

Entire article on securing your internet with hosts, is here : http://www.ecuhq.com/safety-f9/modify-sy...

Tools that will most likely get rid off your problem :

♣ Malwarebytes AntiMalware
♣ SUPERAntiSpyware
♣ HijackThis

How to set/configure SUPERAntiSpyware : http://www.ecuhq.com/tested-programs-how...

HijackThis is able to remove malicious registry entries. Pretty useful for final cleaning.

How to use HijackThis : http://www.ecuhq.com/tested-programs-how...

All available at :


Hope it helped.

More about computer tricks & security, at : http://www.ecuhq.com

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  • TJ answered 1 year ago
    How is it that companies like this are not exposed for doing what they do? The tactics this company uses is partly why the internet is so out of control for banner ads and spyware. Doubleclick has been linked to countless pieces of spyware and as of yet takes no responsibility (either socially or ethically) against it.
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  • DunbarPappy®ϟϟ answered 6 years ago
    Parasite Invasion & System Hostage counter measures.
    There is, unfortunately, no "1 step, 10 second-fix" everyone would love.

    Try malwarebytes to clean up your system:
    & SpywareBlaster for system wide, realtime protection:

    Tsunami's of money hungry advertising schemes are engulfing the entire internet.
    Don't let the battalions of external parasites into your system in the first place by taking an defensive posture to stop these guys on your threshold and keep 'em out. These steps will help, but methods (vectors) constantly change.
    INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools> Internet Options> Privacy> Advanced:
    here check 'Override automatic....'; 'Allow session cookies'; 'Allow 1st party cookies' & 'Block 3rd Party Cookies'.
    FIREFOX: Tools> Options> Privacy: Check 'Accept Cookies from sites'
    & Un-Check 'Accept 3rd Party cookies'
    Firefox add-on's
    Flashblock: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox...
    Adblock Plus works pretty good too.

    >> "NoScript" for Firefox will stop a lot of these adware/spyware & hijackers; and is the single most important thing you can do to prevent most malware <<
    Use this feature to block unwanted advertising re-direct:
    With NS running, down on the far right corner is a blue 'S' with a red line through it: right click that> tick 'forbid -------' &/or mark as 'untrusted'.
    (Ticking all may reduce interactive behavior; enable just enough to get what's necessary to view the page, on a 'temporarily allow' basis)
    Rouge malware and server based spyware are becoming indistinguishable & may cause multiple symptoms on your system.
    Worst of all, this spy/adware, records your clickstream & builds a profile of you with advertising conglomerate jackals (it's 'off site' tracking)...
    Requires "Opt Out" and requires EVERY browser on EVERY machine be done...
    Google here: http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html
    Yahoo here: http://info.yahoo.com/relevantads/
    NAI garbage here: http://networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp
    DoubleClick poison here: http://www.doubleclick.com/privacy/dart_adserving.aspx
    (List of 64 Yahoo! co-conspirator advertisers they inflict on users are listed here: http://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/thirdparties/details.html)

    When installing ANY new application, check the EULA or TOS for 'Toolbars' and/or other crud they try to slip past ya'.
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  • Jet answered 6 years ago
    Check this website out:


    It blocks several advertisements including doubleclick
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  • None answered 6 years ago
    you can use firefox and install no script plugin which will allow you to block it. if its malware on your computer?

    visit here for removal instructions.



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  • Get rid of ad.doubleclick.net?
    I get the annoying pop-up ad.doubleclick.net. I've tried a couple of things I found on cnet. Didn't work. Any ideas?
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