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am i too skinny i dont know how to figure out bmi?

i am 6 foot tall and i weigh 115 pounds is that too skinny for a 18 year old male


i eat alot but never gain weight but i did gain alot i used to be 5 foot 5 and weigh 85 pounds haha

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    You can figure out your BMI by dividing your weight (in pounds) by your height (in inches squared), and them multipled by 703. BMI is a better index to go by than measurements, because you might just have a small bust or hip sze, and then it could be all screwy. BMIs are just a generalized idea of healthy weights, though, because they don't take into account muscle (and muscle weighs more than fat).

    but uh. yeah. im 5'5 130lbs. 13 years old. but im good.

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    im a female, 5'9", and 130lbs.

    and i'm too skinny.

    go eat something lol. =]

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