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Does Harley Davidson have a secret V-Four in the works?

project NOVA in 1976, HD made a V4 and it flopped!

Harley Davidson says "older riders cannot be considered a continuing market"

HD wants to "reach out to younger and diverse riders"

That's why they are building a V4

So, The bottom line is you older riders that own the traditional air cooled BIG Twins are being thrown under the bus by HD!

what do you guys think of that?


My Source: Cycle World, May 2009

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    I personally haven't heard of HD trying for a V4, but I do know that they are dropping a lot of bikes for 2010. (FXDL, XL883C, FLTR, etc.) They are also trying to appeal to the women riders more than the young crowd. Their whole train of thought is that if Mom will ride a motorcycle, she will be more likely to encourage her kids to do the same.

    Harley is also trying to get more towards liquid cooled motors like the V-Rod. My thinking is that in the next several years, all new Harleys will be liquid cooled instead of air cooled.

    Source(s): six years in motorcycle industry.
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    I understand that a 4 cylinder is on the drawing board, but not yet a reality. However, I haven't seen where they are going to stop production of their infamous v-twin.

    What HAS happened this year is a 4 valve head that NHRA has approved for Pro-stock use. It appears that Harley wants to catch up with the Asian boys and NHRA wants to quit making them add weight so that Harley doesn't get left behind and will make for a heads up competition.

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    You are quoting a Cycle World article....not Harley-Davidson. You are reading in your own twist to the article. NOVA didnt flop it was canceled before it ever went to production. H-D does need to reach out to new customers....but will never throw there core Big Twin customers under the bus as you say.

    Freedom of speech is a great thing.....but dont abuse it with BS.

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    Their NOVA project didn't have the chance to flop. They were working on a liquid cooled motorcycle but they didn't want the radiator to be highly visible. The problem was, they didn't have the resources to produce the NOVA bikes and their traditional bikes at the same time. They had to go with one or the other. They decided to go with their bread and butter.

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    Check out the latest issue of Cycle World magazine for an answer to your question. Not exactly "breaking news."

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    All your information comes from the voices in your head - take your meds & go lay down.

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    I hear they have an airplane in the works!!! what do you think about that?

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    Well, if we knew about it, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

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    It won't matter because even if they did make a V-4 it would have too much stroke.

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