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What flavor milkshake should be invented that hasn't been yet?

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    You won't believe this as a serious answer, but it is, a bacon flavor milkshake!

    There is a bacon flavored salt that I buy it is J&D's Bacon Salt

    Here is their web address as proof:

    I use this on a lot of different things!

    You probably wont believe this, but I love this on lettuce!

    Everything is better with bacon flavor!

    I have not tried a bacon flavored milkshake, but I never really thought of it until I read this question.

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    hmm... all the ones i think of are probably already invented... i'm not very creative i guess! if they could somehow make diet coke flavored ice cream, i'd totally try a diet coke milkshake. and i know this has been done, but i'd love to try a bacon milkshake - lol!

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    Milky Way flavor.

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    Hmm.... Wheat Grass? Ha Ha I guess it wouldn't be very tasty though.

    Boy you must LOVE milkshakes.... Me well.. "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" HA HA LOL.... J/K

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    grape (only the flavour not the actual fruit in it)


    P.S there is bannana milkshake for real

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    Psh I'm not going to tell you my secret recipe I'm going to be the next food network star when I grow up

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  • Anonymous
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    goji flavor

  • Hank
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    1 decade ago

    Vegemite and Banana ?

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