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ADD OIL 外國人會明意思嗎

加油的正確英文是怎樣, 是 cheer up 嗎

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    Answering your question

    YES they do, if you had a cooking wok or pan in your hands, "add oil" would literally mean adding more oil to the wok for frying.


    There are several ways of saying this, but it really depends on when/where you say it, for example

    Telling someone to cheer up while he is running, probably not the best word, you may say "KEEP GOING, MATE!!"

    In another situation, if a guy looks upset after being dumped by girlfriend, then you may say, "Cheer up bro, plenty of nice women out-there!!!"

    In a football game:

    Never give up on any possessions, we still got a shot at winning this!!!!

    Losing a lucrative deal

    You may say, take it easy man, there will always be other opportunities!!

    "Hip hip hurray" is not really the right translation, usually used by cheerleaders or group celebration after someone has won a competition/ championship

    2009-04-07 16:00:47 補充:

    In a gas station- you ask for gas or unleaded petrol, you never say "add oil"

    If go to the garage/ gas station for routine check up, you ask the service guys to "CHANGE OIL" not ADD OIL. Hope this helps

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    This is a very Asianised word. Some English speaking people would understanding this because of the people that they hang out with, e.g. Singaporian.

    However if you are talking to strict Westerners who have never dealt with any Asian people (which I doubt), they may not understand.

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    There is no such thing as "Add oil" in English. The foreigners would think they need to pump more gas in the car if you say this phrase. The other way to put it - is to put more efforts in it.

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    加油有很多的講法,如:go for it; Hip hip hurray;cheer up 等等

    但有一天,我正練長跑的時候,有個老外,竟然向我說:”add oil”,看來,在香港的老外真明白”add oil”是甚麼意思;當然在外國的老外們,想還未知其意,但說不定,這詞會將外國流行,正如”Long time no see”一樣!


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