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1. 宿舍內不得有吸煙、酗酒、賭博、吸毒、偷竊或妨害風化等任何犯罪之行為或攜帶製造槍械、爆裂物及易燃物等違禁物品,違反前述規定者,依公司規定逕予開除,絕不寬待。

2. 每週住宿未達二日者,應依規定辦理退宿(出差及請假者除外)。

3. 住宿同仁嚴禁以人頭方式申請宿舍,且申請後嚴禁轉讓予他人住宿,如發現借用人及被借用人將強制退宿。

4. 宿舍房間內設備不可任易改變用途或破壞之行為。

5. 管制區逃生門僅供緊急狀況時使用,平時管制進出。

6. 宿舍內不得使用高耗電之電器用品 (ex : 微波爐、電鍋、電暖爐、烤箱 …)或大於1000瓦之電器用品,


7. 單一電源插頭不得同時使用多樣電器設備。

8. 住戶應養成節約能源隨手關燈、關水龍頭,房內無人時,應確實將冷氣等電器用品及所有門窗關閉。

9. 宿舍走廊及公共區域應保持通暢、整潔,室內垃圾及個人用品須由住宿同仁自行處理,嚴禁於走廊、


10. 嚴禁住戶及訪客(含非住宿同仁)進入異性房間

11. 其他應注意之安全管理事項。

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    1. Dormitory will not be allowed to have smoking, drinking, gambling, drug abuse, violation of public decency, such as theft or any criminal acts or to carry on the manufacture of firearms, explosives and combustibles, such as prohibited items in violation of the foregoing provisions, in accordance with the provisions of trails to be expelled from the company, by no means lenient.

    2. Less than a week stay on the 2nd, should be handled in accordance with退宿(other than a business trip and leave).

    3. Accommodation is strictly prohibited colleagues to apply for the head quarters, and prohibited the transfer of an application for stay of others, such as found and the borrower will be forced to borrow退宿people

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