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A chill wind

"Form the viewpoint of the develment of the banking industry, I've

got nothing against mergers.It's just that I never in a million years

thought that I 'd be one of the victem!" says a smiling Hsu, finding

some wry humor in the situation. He is by means alone.

With the advent of FHCs -- now entering their fifth year --

the organizational overlaps and redundancies created by mergers

have led to streamlining , and the "golden rice bowl " that banking

once represented is no more . After the merger of Cathay with United

World Chinese Bank , about 10% of UWCB's employees

(roughly 500 persons) left . After Fubon FHC took over Taipei Bank,

1500 of the original 3600 staff of the latter institution left.

And in the acquisition of General Bank by the Chinatrust Group.

General Bank shed 900 employees , or two -thirds of its original

workforce . In total , after the two phases of financial reform in

Taiwan , the number of persons employed in the financial industry

has fallen by 5000.


還有文中一些單字 的中文


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    一陣寒风 " 形成develment银行业, I'的觀點; ve 得到反對合併。It' s從未那I在一百萬年 認為I ' d是一个victem! " 微笑的Hsu說,發現 在情況的一些扭麴的幽默。 他是通过單獨手段。 隨著FHCs的出現 -- 現在进入他們的第五年 -- 合併和多餘創造的組織交疊 导致了簡化和" 金黃饭碗" 那銀行業務 一次代表沒有。 在法國黃以後合併與團結的 世界中國银行,大约10% UWCB' s雇員 (大致500個人)离开。 在Fubon FHC接管了臺北银行之後, 1500年後者機關的原物3600職員离开。 并且在一般银行的承購由Chinatrust小組的。 一般银行流洒了900名它的原物的雇員或者三分之二 勞工。 总共,在二個階段財政改革以后 臺灣,在金融业雇用的人的数量 由5000下落了。 ..

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