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Does this count as 'molestation'?

Does this count as 'molestation'?

My brother is a couple years younger than me. When I was 10 he started touching me. He would often grab my butt or my breast. When I would ask him to stop he would just laugh and keep doing it. He often tried to get me to get into bed with him (under the covers) and would try to get me to kiss him. He would stalk me around the house just following me. Every time I tried to go to the bathroom or take a bath he would stand outside the door and try to get in. When I told my mother to make him stop she just told me it was normal and to ignore him. Was this 'normal' behavior? Should she had stopped it? My father never gave a dang about what went on.

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    the legal definition of child molestation

    Child molestation is a crime involving a range of indecent or sexual activities between an adult and a child

    Since your brother was a child at the time of the incident, it would be extremely difficult to press charges under the definition of the law, not that you have indicated you want to.

    Your brother maybe was experimenting, no one knows but your brother. that fact that your parents refused to recognized how traumatic this was for you, I think would be considered either child abuse, neglect or endangerment. They SHOULD have sat down with your brother and explained appropriate behavior and appropriate touching, what is acceptable and what isn't.

    Remember, he was a child when this all started, he probably found it fascinating that you didn't have anything between your legs, and breasts where he didn't. This needs to be put into perspective.

    He was a child, I am not in anyway saying what he did was right, nor am I saying it isn't normal, we are talking about two children two very young children, how obliviously needed a little better parental influence, and education on sex education and appropriate behavior.

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    It should have been stopped. No it isn't normal behavior for a brother to try to get his sister to do sexual acts. Your parents should have told him that it wasn't right for him to think of his sister in a sexual way. If you were 10 then I take your brother was 8. For any child that young to be acting out like that I would bet someone was molesting him or he was seeing something he shouldn't have. Maybe you should talk to him now and tell him it bothered you him acting that way and did something happen to him that made him do those things.

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    If your 10 and your brother is, say, 6, then no it doesn't count because he's young and to him he doesn't understand why the things he is doing is inappropriate. But now if you're 16 and your brother is 12 then yeah that's kind of a big deal and you should definitely talk to your mom about it or a school counselor.

  • It's more sexual harassment. It's normal for boys to be interested in girls boobs and butt and to have a look but it definitely isn't normal for them to start touching their sister like that. Talk to your parents about it again, talk to them calmly and maturely about your views and feelings on this. Even threaten to run away or tell the police if nothing is done about it something should be done about it. If it's still happening a few years on when your brother is older than seeing a psychologist would be good for your brother too.

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    No, it's not normal at all. And it's very unusual for a younger brother to do this to an older sister. Someone molested your brother before he molested you. How old are you guys now? You have both been abused.

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    well, to an extent it's "normal" to be curious, especially at a younger age.. I don't think it's 'normal' to take things that "far"

    but once it became an issue and your parents completely disregarding it.. I would say counts as a form of 'molestation' yes,

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    That's inappropriate.

    Your mom probably can't believe that anything could be wrong with one of her children (your brother) or that he might be a sexual deviant.

    Your brother might not be a molester, but he needs to learn boundaries and get some other outlets. One of your parents needs to talk to him about sex.

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    Yes! That does count as molestation no matter how old your brother is its' not normal. If it continues to happen tell a school teacher or counselor.

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    Here is a definition of molestation: the act of subjecting someone to unwanted or improper sexual advances or activity (especially women or children) Sounds to me like what he did to you would fit right into that definition. So my answer is Yes!

    Normal Behavior? Uh No and not only is it molestation but it is almost incest as well. Here is the definition of incest: sexual relations between people who may not legally marry, especially between close relatives

    Don't let it get you down thought, it wasn't your fault. Your mom should have taken it more seriously and done something to stop it.

    Good Luck~

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    Well I doubt he meant anything by it, he probably was just curious and didn't know a good way to explain his curiosity so he awkwardly tried to experiment with you...he probably didn't realize that he was wrong, especially if he was a few years younger than 10. Your mom shouldn't have allowed it, being an adult and knowing better, but again I doubt he really knew what he was doing, or had any sexual urges toward you.

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