Can You tell me about the Descendant in Astrology?

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tell me all you know or can . even an interesting link. and also what does this quote mean "Remember as well that the Ascendant defines the Descendant, which is a highly more
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Your Ascendant describes how you present yourself to the world as a whole. How you relate to a group.
Your Descendant describes how you present yourself to another individual. How you relate one on one.

The Descendant is the strong foundation that allows you to go out and freely express your Ascendant.
Since they are opposite points of each other on your chart, they also describe the two different ways your relate to people.
The Ascendant is usually described by your first house (it's actually a singular point in the first house, not the whole house, but it's easier to look at it as a house), the descendant is usually in your 7th house.

A Descendant placed in Leo describes a mate who gives lots of attention and shows honest and open appreciation to you. According to this placement, you relate better to people one on one who give you immediate positive response when you do something good, and who openly praise you. This strong reinforcement at home allows you to go out confidently into the world and express the independence and open minded acceptance of your Aquarius ascendant.

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  • Markab answered 5 years ago
    The descendant is exactly the opposite point of the ascendant. This axis plus the MC - IC axis are collectively referred to as "the angles." They are the most important and sensitive points in the chart.

    The ascendant is "you." The descendant is "others." Specifically the descendant refers to partners and enemies. Mostly it refers to the spouse or significant other, but it also refers to business partners, and people you don't know very well, as opposed to friends which are the 11th house. If the ascendant is you, the descendant is them.

    Putting the spouse and the enemy in the same house seems, at first, to be contradictory. Although it is subtle it actually makes sense. The kinds of "others" in your life are described by the sign on the 7th and those kinds of people are part of what you are whether they be friends or enemies. If I attract disreputable people as enemies, it explains something about me just as surely as it would if I attracted law enforcement officials as enemies.

    You have Aquarius rising, a social, humane sign. It is a fixed air sign. It's opposite is Leo, a fixed fire sign. We get along with people who compliment our personality. Compliment means having some things in common with another (that's the fixed part) so that we may share, and enough things different to create interest in one another (that's the air-fire part). In that way the ascendant defines the descendant. It describes the people to whom you are attracted.

    One more point you have to take the rulers of these signs into consideration as well, but that is another story.
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  • Sam Block answered 5 years ago
    The Ascendant represents you on the physical level of your life, much as how the cusp of the second house can represent your possessions and wealth, the cusp of the third can represent your siblings and local area and communciation, and so forth. In this pattern, the Descendant or the cusp of House 7 (the house of the "other", the partner, the spouse, the client, the rival) represents the primary "opposition" in your life. I don't mean opposition in the terms of rivalry, but how you encounter other people on a one-to-one basis.

    The Descendant can mark how other people interact with you personally, since the Ascendant is how you interact with the world and everyone else. It can be seen as a "highly sensitive relationship point" in that the sign that rules the Descendant (Leo, in your case) shows how people will show themselves to you. It defines the theme, if you will, of your relationships to others.

    In your case, you have Leo setting. To be brief, see what people with Leo Rising have going on, and that's how people will act towards you and interact with you. Your relationships (partnerships business and romantic, rivalries, competitions, and so forth) will have qualities of Leo that offset your qualities of Aquarius.
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