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Ohio State Spring Football Game 2009.?

Has anyone been? How long does it last? What do people wear?

I would appreciate any useful information. :D

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    First off, how strange is the following link?

    Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, I remember!

    I've been to several spring games, though not at Ohio State. Generally, one to two hours in length. Wear what you do on gameday and bring raincoat and umbrella in case last year's weather occurs again.

    Here's something from before last year's version

    Here's some video of the 2008 edition

    How do you feel about seeing a lacrosse game prior to the spring game? Of course, you want to see it. Read more about the spring game at the link below.

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    The spring game is awesome! I go every year. The band plays and there is all of the excitement of a regular season game (well maybe not that much excitement). It is a regular game length (minus the tv time outs) and you wear your best game day attire. We bring the whole family and tons of people tailgate. This year you can see a lacrosse game before the football game. For the last few years it has been packed so get there a little early if you want a good seat.

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    Well all the players come waving white flags in case they have to face an SEC school in a bowl game

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