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Why do so many want to see Shawn Michaels defeat The Undertaker?

There is no long explanation to this, which is odd considering the length my questions usually run.

I've seen a number of people here want & hope that Shawn Michaels defeats The Undertaker this year at Wrestlemania. Far more then I see Undertaker fans. So I'm just curious as to why. Shawn Michaels has a list of accolades a mile long, aside from this, there's nothing for him to really gain by beating The Undertaker. Who on the other hand has established himself as an Iconic Superstar, but when put award to award may fall short of Michaels.

So I'm just curious, to the leagues of Shawn Michaels fans, why do you want him to win? I myself support The Undertaker and will be rooting for him to win the match. Why? Well to keep it short, 16-1 doesn't look very nice, not to mention he signed a 3 year deal, and if he wins those extra three years 19-1 will still not look very nice. Not to mention that The Undertaker does not speak very often, and personally I don't want to listen to Shawn Michaels brag about his Wrestlemania Victory over the Undertaker until he retires. We know he will, everyone always does; Chris Jericho still occasionally brings up the night he became the first Undisputed Champion; and Randy Orton won't shut up about what happened to his first World Title reign, but that's more for story references.

Also, I'm well aware of the shirt that was brought out with 17-0 on it, with The Undertaker's stake going through the heart. Jim Ross stated on his blog, or so I've heard, that the shirt was fake.

So, HBK fans, why do you think he should win at Wrestlemania this year?

As always answers should be detailed; nothing derogatory, and let's refrain from giving thumbs down to people.


I'd be the last person to say that Shawn Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania, he's earned that title. Though at the same time, Shawn has a losing record at the PPV; and the title really only signifies the quality of his matches, which is a good thing.

However, The Undertaker has helped put Wrestlemania on the map.

Update 2:

My mistake, I'd be the last person to deny Shawn is Mr. Wrestlemania

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    I want Shawn Michaels to win that match against the Undertaker because I would love to see a "small" guy like him be able to take down a giant like the Undertaker. Shawn always have to let the up and coming wrestlers defeat him, and that humiliating match he was against Hulk Hogan in Summerslam '05 was unforgettable. Shawn deserves to win because it would be epic to see an actual wrestler defeat the Undertaker. Someone like Shawn Michaels who has everything (mic skills, wrestling moves) is worthy enough to defeat the Undertaker. Think of it, it's better for a legend to lose to an icon than to have a legend lose to someone who doesn't deserve it.

    Would you rather have the Undertaker lose against John Cena?

    I don't think so.

  • Although i love both wrestlers I personally want Undertaker to win because his streak deserves to be remembered forever and in the future when announcers talk about streaks or wrestlemania they can say that only one man is undefeated and that man is the Undertaker.

    I think the reason HBK fans want the Undertaker's streak to end is because they of course support him and believe that he has every right to because he ended Ric Flair's career and is Mr. Wrestlemania and they think it makes sense. Also many people don't want repetitive things so they want to see something shocking happen that they will remember forever and that is HBK defeating the deadman. I agree that if one man had to end or could end the streak it would have to be the heart break kid shawn michaels.

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    You can't forget how long HBK has been around.

    In the 1980's he was wowing people.

    You see, adults love him for the classic matches and his attitude era antics, and the kids love him because of the new chickensh** DX and because he makes fun of Randy Orton.

    Undertaker has millions of fans, and they sure as hell voice their opinions. Read how many Usernames you can spot in a week that have "17-0" in the title.

    I've spotted two today.

    It might just be random people that happen to be rooting for HBK you're seeing.

    But hey - if ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, was going to end the streak...

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    Shawn Micheals doesn't deserve to end it yet. I dislike that he's mocking The Undertaker, who have MANY commons. I don't blame him of course, *COUGH* Writers *COUGH*. But Shawn deserves to end it only in a retirement match, like Flair. But then, I do't want Undertaker to lose his sterak yet to and make it last forever. So I'm supporting Undertaker.

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    If anyone where to lose the streak for Undertaker... what better man other than HBK?

    Both are my faves superstars and it's hard to pick which one should win.

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    I am a HBK fan and there is no way that he will beat Taker. it serves no purpose to have the streak end this sunday . the undetaker will be around awhile longe then HBK and they will need that selling point for

    future Mania's

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    Undertaker will win, , btw Undertaker lives in houston texas

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    I like shawn micheals over taker to win it

    its just for me, every taker match at mania is now predictable

    they will keep the streak alive so that he will win every single time!!! its pretty boring to watch his WM matches even though they are hyped up just to know he will always win.

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    undertaker and shawn is old school but they still the best....i think undertaker is gonna let shawn have it

  • Because he is Mr. Wrestlemania and that is his home

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