what is book The dead and the gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer about?

i saw it at the library and thought it had a nice looking cover but i didn't want to check it out because it was on a table that made me think i shouldn't touch it

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Basically, the moon is pushed closer into orbit with the Earth. The book is about a boy and his family trying to survive.

    I haven't read the book, but I've read the companion, Life as We Knew It. The science is pretty messed up, and when a fourteen year old can tell it's messed up, you know it's messed up. The ending is also sort of out of the blue, a deux ex machina. But despite that, it's a really good book. The characters are great, showing how desperate people can get, the story is interesting, and it showed me how much I take for granted.

    All in all, yes, based on what I know of Susan Beth Pfeffer, I recommend The Dead and the Gone.


  • Oh no it's wonderful. I was really surprised that I liked it because I usually don't like stuff like that, but it really was amazing.

    It's about a -I think he's Mexican- boy and his two sisters (his dad's in Mexico and his mom's at the hospital) who are trying to live through a massive world disaster. Everyone is dying, and they are trying to live through it.

    It really is wonderful, I would definitely reccomend it.

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