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Planting green pepper seeds from a store pepper - can it be done?

I bought a huge, nice looking green pepper from the store and kept the seeds from it (since mid-winter). I was hoping to plant them and reproduce the same quality pepper. Is this possible or do you think the pepper was hybrid and/or can't be reproduced?

In the past, I've planted pepper seeds from seed packs I got at Lowes or Home Depot and never had much luck. My pepper plants were always weak.


Well, my kids and I planted the seeds from the grocery store and I went back to Home Depot and planted ones from a pack. We are going to have a contest to see which one wins or turns out the best.

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    It's possible that the seeds will germinate Kala, but you've no idea what kind of pepper you're going to get, since virtually all peppers one buys in a grocery will be a hybrid, and they won't produce the same fruit as the parent plant.

    If you haven't had much luck growing your own, your local nursery can supply you with a 4-pack for a little over a dollar. Some to try: Big Bertha (immense peppers, but can have irregular shape), California Wonder, and my personal favorite, Park's Early Thickset. Perfect for stuffing! :)

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    there is not any such element as a eco-friendly bell pepper in nature. What you purchase contained in the keep is an unripe yellow, orange, or purple bell pepper. If the pepper is picked earlier it really is totally ripe, then the seed isn't ripe both. Seeds contained in the backyard are taken from a pepper it truly is overripe, i.e. previous the position you want to eat it, a useless ringer for it really is for tomatoes. You wouldn`t assemble seeds from eco-friendly tomatoes both. So in case you want bell pepper seeds from the food market, %. an fairly ripe pepper.

  • I am a beginner gardener and obviously I need to do alot of research. I planted the seeds in my garden and watered every other day and after a few days it sprouted. I was so excited and kept watering every other day. It has been a month and stupidly I finally looked up what the leave is supposed to look like and mine looks nothing like the green pepper leaf. Started to cry....I have been watering a weed.

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    Yes it can. Put the seeds in your freezer compartment for a couple of weeks before you wish to plant them.Take them out and they are ready to start indoors or out .

    Good luck


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