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If a pro sports player is traded, what happens to their previous contract and does their salary change?

Like the recent Jay Cutler trade...would the Bears just pay however much he would've made with under his Broncos' contract?

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    It depends on the sport. In the NFL contracts are not guaranteed, so the Bears can take his current contract and most likely give him an extension with an amazing sized bonus.

    In the MLB, NBA and NHL the contract stays as it is until it's up. You can sign the player to an extension, but that only goes into effect after the current contract is up.

    In the NFL you can trade for a player and then cut him (thereby cutting his contract. But the money that was originally on the contract will still be against the salary cap. No team would trade for a player and then cut him

    So in Cutler's case, his contract will probably continue from the Broncos, but they will sign him to an extension with a bonus that will go into effect this season.

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