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Does the HK Free Airport Express Shuttle Bus Service run from hotel to station or only from station to hotel?

The MTR website provides that at Hong Kong and Kowloon stations, regular daily shuttle buses will pick you up and drop you off at major hotels and key transport interchanges but there is no mention of free shuttle bus from your hotel to the station. Just wondering if it runs vice versa. I am concerned that when I leave HK how do I get to the airport express station. Thanks.

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    Yes they do, when the shuttle drops off people from the Airport Express Terminals at the hotels they also pick up people going back to the terminal. Depending on the hotel you may have to go the the other hotels on the particular shuttle route but they all will take you back to the terminal.

    Source(s): Have riden the shuttles many times.
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    don't worry they do it both ways.air port to hotel and hotel to air port.some times they have shuttle bus service for disneyland and to big shopping malls as well.both ways.if you are not sure you can ask before you go.if not they can get you a taxi its not that expensive.

  • This question is useful to me also. Thank you for asking it!

    I've used taxi cabs in the past did not know about the bus service.

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    yes vice worry! n u may chk w/ ur concierge 4 the time schedule.

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