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question about laurent from twilight?

first of all, is the actor who plays Laurent in Twilight the same guy who plays the mormon doctor in House?

second, are the pronunciations in the movie for Carlisle and Laurent correct?

Is Edward's full name Edward Anthony Masen Cullen?

And last, I've been hearing a rumor about a fifth twilight book. What's that about?


about the fifth twilight books...there were a lot of april fools jokes going around saying that she was doing midnight sun or jacob's pt. of view for new moon

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    *Yes, that was Edi Gathegi on 'House.'

    *Yes, the pronunciations said by the characters in the movie are correct.



    Though, when I was reading I said Calisle, more Like Car-lile. Long I, not y.

    *Yes, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is his full name. Masen was his last name as a human, he doesn't use it now, but he still considers it a part of his name.

    *Midnight Sun the "fifth" Twilight book, is basically Twilight, as told by Edward, it isn't considered a sequel, it is a separate book, as it doesn't continue the plot.

    It was leaked online before the movie came out, and Stephenie has put it on hold "indefinitely." She is always asked about it in interviews and has basically said that maybe she will finish it after the movies are all complete which will be sometime after 2011.

    You can read what she has completed on her website.

    Go here for more information on the leak:

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes it is the guy that play the morrmon doctor in House he did it only for like 5 episodes thought, i'm a big fan of house

    Yes the pronuncitations are correct

    An Edward's full name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

    There won't be a fifth twilight book but Stephanie Meyer was writing a version for the first twilight book based on Edwards perspective it's called Midnight Sun, that book was leaked on the internet but she put up partial draft of the book on her website which is

    She's currently i think writing Twilight the official guide which was due out last december 2008, so i don't know when the book will be published

    It's sad that she won't be writing a 5th book, I wish she did i really like her books and i want to know what going to happen with Renesmee and Jacob. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah Laurent and the mormon doctor are the same guy.


    Carlisle = CARL-EYE-L

    Laurent = LO-RENT

    Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is his full name.

    If your talking about midnight sun, that's Edwards point of view of twilight. But I think you mean Russet Moon which is Jacobs story. S.meyer didn't write it it's just really good fanfic which is getting published. So yeah I guess it's like the fifth twilight book because it's being sold online.

    Here's the link:

    I'm so exited!!

    I love twilight!!

  • 1 decade ago

    i have no clue..

    yes! stephenie meyer wouldn't let it be pronounced wrong!

    Hecks yes it is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!!!!<3

    Yes. It's called Midnight Sun and it's Twilight but from Edward's point of view. You can read the first 11 chapters of it on She may not release the entire book yet though because one of her friends leaked it onto the she put it up so people wouldn't have to be dishonest about reading it. Isn't she amazing??? haha

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  • 1 decade ago

    the first one i dont know

    yeah i think they are


    and YES!!!!! theres an artical about it on 4tnz and stephanie meyer confirmed that she would write midnight sun(twilight from edwards pov) and full moon(new moon from jacobs pov) and midnight sun is suppose to come out in may!!!!! theres even a rumor that there going to make a movie on midnight sun.

    click here if you wanna read the artical

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, that is the same guy. Yes, those are the correct pronunciations. Yes, that is Edward's full name. Any updates about books and such will be on Meyer's website.

    One good rule to remeber when it comes to romurs, unless it's on her website or her myspace page, it is just a romur.

  • 1- Idk

    2- Yes

    3- I'm not sure. Lots of people are saying she is going to write it but her friend leaked it to the press so i'm not sure. She was very upset, bc she didnt edit it or anything

    Here is her home page about Midnight Sun

  • 1 decade ago

    idk about your other questions but the fith book is twilight in edwards point of veiw its called midnight sun

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