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dont you think reading books is stupid?

such as fiction.

people say it makes you smarter, and i ask how?

they say it increases your imagination and helps you think outside the box, and i argue 2 strong points:

math and science will only benefit us (mankind) because once your dead your pointless knowledge of those pointless books will die too.

sure, it might make your imagination better and help you think outside the box, but you can do that through other useful ways like math, science, and chess.

i also hate it when people act as if they're smarter than you because they read more than you do.

for example:

"so... so you read?"

"no, i think its pointless"

and then they wouldnt talk to you and theyd probably gossip behind your back

give me your feedback on this


that damn poet is an example, thanks for answering

Update 2:

(crzy)-- the chance that you contribute something in math and science is a better chance than literature (0%)

and what will vocab do? and i already explained other ways of expanding imagination

Update 3:

also, thank you kl33t for another ironic example. some people just dont think their answers clear and are offended because all they're ego comes from reading

Update 4:

(crzy)-- and of course you should learn how to read, but to an extent and to a limited-- needed-- vocab.. up to where there are 2 subjects mainly: science and math. this way mankind will be more successful.

Update 5:

(kl33t)-- also, you should not be very offended i just wanted to know opinions, calm down; i promise you: i am not trying to kill your strong ego.

as i said, it will benefit mankind, so you will have a living contribution, even if you didnt find something major, one small discovery could trigger another.

also you have never used imagination in math because you, then, would not have a true imagination (everyone has an imagination, but how flexible is yours).. ask the greatest scientists: Einstein, and even minor scientists/mathematicians need an imagination!! read (nonfiction) more about it.

for example, you see things better in your mind, such as math problems and equations, as every major scientist/mathematician will tell you

also, your small brain asks, why should we need family and friends? as we are animals, it is our parents (most of them) to care for us, and as an animal, we feel the same and love them. as for friends: each has his own reason

Update 6:

(screepie)-- thanks!! i didnt know that grammar was a must and if i dont use it properly a bloody Armageddon will rise to punish us all. As 'use proper grammar' is part of the 10 commandments

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    Math and science have their place, to be certain.

    I would argue that unless you make a significant contribution in math or the sciences, then your knowledge of that dies with you as well, and in that case it was no more useful to you than literature.

    It expands your vocabulary as well as your imagination, expands your capability for thinking.

    I would argue that ALL of them are important. I wouldn't go as far as to say that only reading is important.

    (But, by the way, if you couldn't read, how would you comprehend the math and science texts?)

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    You're very ignorant.

    They are smarter than you because they read..

    It doesn't matter if a book is fiction or not, you will still learn something from it. Not only does reading increase your imagination, but also your vocabulary and your grammar. You think outside the box and use your imagination WAY more in reading a fiction book.. I've never used imagination while doing a math or science problem.

    Everything goes away after you die, sir. So, why are you even alive if this is how you're thinking? It will all go away one day.. why do school, why have friends, why have a family? IT WILL ALL BE GONE ONE DAY.

    Not like you would know any of that, because you obviously won't take the time to read a book, because you would enjoy it, and recognize the benefits of it.

    Source(s): common sense.
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    There's no need to be so mad at the world of literature.

    Reading fiction can help with your vocabulary and is it also something that can be used as a topic of conversation an common hobby for friends (just like chess and whatever else). It's just a hobby for some people and a bore for others but that doesn't mean it's stupid it just means it's not for everyone.

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    No! I do not think reading is stupid! I know that someday everyone dies and that their knowledge goes with them, but if not for literature all would be lost and we wouldn't know what the Greeks thought of the moon and the planets they discovered. We also wouldn't know that the Mayans existed and we wouldn't be able to read the works of Plutarch ( I think that's how you spell his name, sorry to the others out there who care about literature if it's not spelled correctly). Also if we didn't read of write you couldn't complain about reading and I wouldn't have ever read your question to answer it. Also if there wasn't books math couldn't be recorded science couldn't be written about. Also with math and science the Mayans couldn't have written about how the world will end December 20, 2012, Lastly science and math couldn't exist successfully if we couldn't write and record our findings. So give it some thought and really think about weather or not reading is pointless.

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    Hell, no! Reading is practically my life. I love books, which can also lead to a love of writing. The more you read, the better you are at writing, spelling, and grammar. Do you think that J.K. Rowling or Anne Rice just magically became a spectacular writer overnight? They obviously loved to read. And, yes, grammar is very important. It adds class and elegance to writing, makes you seem more intelligent and sophisticated, and also gives others a better impression of you. I don't understand how people 'can't' read. I couldn't live without reading!

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    Your better off harrassing people in the R&S section. Folks around here don't really get all that riled up. Besides, isn't it obvious that most who frequent here don't think reading is stupid?

    Edit: lol, "that damn poet". I may change my name to that!

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    Reading helps you learn grammar, and knowing grammar helps you to not look like a moron when you write something.

    For instance, you need to learn the difference between "your" and "you're."


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    you know, a bazillion years ago...

    some people had to think outside of the box to come up with math and science...and chess...

  • Kelley
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    What's actually stupid is coming to this forum to get support for the idea that reading is stupid.

  • Anonymous
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    Never never never

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