Can you inform me about Date Rape?

Who's fault is it?

The Man or the Woman? And why?

And why?

What is date rape?

How does it happen?

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    Call it date rape, call it acquaintance rape, or just call it what it is, rape; whatever you call it, it’s a crime and it is committed at a shocking rate of every 2 minutes in North America. While public education about rape has made great strides in the past decades, particularly in the area of victim blaming and shaming, many guys still just don’t seem to get it when it comes date rape. Sure we all know that forcing yourself on a girl is rape but when we picture this we usually imagine a violent attack, sometimes with a weapon, or drugging a girl with a date rape drug, yet there are other ways to coerce or instigate an unwanted sexual encounter that some guys may not even think about. Often non-violent on the surface and sometimes the result of mixed messages, not listening, wishful thinking, and/or diminished capacity on the part of one or both parties, date rape is one of the most misunderstood and controversial of sex crimes. In date rape scenarios many guys really don’t feel that they have crossed a line or done anything wrong and this is the biggest part of the problem. Society still sends a very mixed message on this topic with many people feeling that date rape is most often the result of miscommunication or misunderstanding rather than a true act of criminal intent. Regardless of society's confusion the law remains clear and we want to lay it on the line for all you guys out there in a no-uncertain-terms kind of way. Guys, believe it or not it is in your best interest to really get it where date rape is concerned because a date rape conviction is still a sex crime conviction and can follow you for the rest of your life. Here it is, the bottom line on date rape.

    Date rape, also called acquaintance rape, is rape that occurs between two people who know one another and usually happens in social situations. It can happen between people who are dating as a couple and have had consensual sex in the past. It can happen between two people who are starting to date. It can happen between people who are just friends and it can happen between people who are friends of friends, a.k.a. acquaintances. You do not have to be on a date for a date rape to occur. The first and most important thing a guy needs to understand is that NO MEANS NO. This is a non-negotiable fact. As soon as the word “No,” comes out of her mouth you must stop what you are doing and you should not persist by trying again. Even if it is a hot and heavy make out session as soon as she puts the brakes on you must stop. Even if the kissing starts up again you must not move things any further than she clearly indicates she wants them to go. If you have even a shadow of a doubt about what she really wants you must stop altogether. Believe it or not guys, this is for your protection as much as it is for hers. Try not to lose sight of this fact. By stopping when she asks or when it is clear she is uncomfortable you are not only thinking of her (which is important) but you are protecting yourself. For everybody’s sake when she says “No,” or starts physically pushing you away even without saying no, or if she repeatedly stops you from moving past a certain point (for example: she is OK with kissing but physically stops you when you try to reach under her clothes - even without saying “no”) you MUST STOP. Just because she is OK with the kissing doesn’t mean she wants more. Kissing you is not a promise of giving in to anything you may want. Think of it this way, when you willingly give a buddy a ride home one day does that automatically mean you’ll do it everyday or that you’ll also start driving them to work and on errands as well? No, of course not. Consenting to one thing does not mean you are consenting to the same thing in the future, nor does it mean that you are consenting to similar or related things. This is the case with sexual contact. Just because a girl consents to one type of sexual interaction does not automatically mean she is open to others. Just because a girl has had sex with you in the past does not mean that she is obligated to have sex with you every time you get intimate together.

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    No such thing as date rape unless under the age of 18. a highschool virgin - can expect to go out with a guy - and not expect sexually contact.. over 18 if you are out - PLUS drinking - which is illegal till 21 - because it inhibits judgement - you can not ever claim - date rate period.. - u were intoxicated... you were incapable of makinig any decision legally at all - - this is where experience and wisdom comes - u may have be screwed but not raped.. - if you were really smart you would not consume alcohol beyond a point that you are full control - not needing assistance to bed or home or anywhere from another - you are not in a private situation with another without your own accord. - - if yu are at dudes apt at 2 am in the morning in his bed - dont call it date rape . sorry girls - i am just tired of this - maybe u learned he didnt want you again - or he was nt into sex the way you liked it or he just sucked.. in bed. what ever - its not rape because you were disastifed with your decision to have sex with him .. dont start a fire near gasoline - what do you think will happen - its not bomb - when you stick your own cigarette in your gastank - its just stupid...... i am so tired of it as for drugging someone - that is an illegal act that is more punishable then sexual assault - so there is no cause to implicate this - this is a whole other much more serious issue - you have no idea about the health and dosage and **** when medicating someone - you can kill them .. this is much more serious - this is not date rape this is crime - that borders with attempted murder.. and great injury,.. you cant even compare this to date rape.. not even regular rape

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    Date rape can involve too much alcohol or any drug intended to incapacitate another person. Even if both people consent, it's still rape because the drugged person cannot give consent legally. That could depend on your state law, but as a general rule of thumb it's date rape. It doesn't matter if it's someone the victim just met or has known for years. it doesn't matter if they've had consensual sex before. The person who drugged the other person is responsible. In the case that they've both had too much to drink or were both using drugs, if one person says it's rape (usually a woman), the other person can be charged if evidence is gathered.

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    Very simple, its when one person takes advantage of the other person and does as he or she wants to the other person. Date rape happens to guys to. Some times a person gets scared into doing something that they don't want to, but thet are to afraid to do any thing about it. There are some who drug people by putting something in their drink and then forceing them to do things againt their will. It is not a very nice thing to be date raped, but if it happens, it should be reported so that it won't happen again. Just be on guard when out on a date. It can happen to anyone.

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    Date rape is when you're drugged/drunk and unable to say no. It's non-consensual sex. It's the fault of the person that does it. Girls can perform date rape just like a guy, it just doesn't happen as often.

    Source(s): Sweetlilyfaery (Me, Myself and I). Take it or leave it, hopefully it helps.
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    Its the person who did the doping who is at fault and 99% of the time its men. It happens when they grind up drugs like Rohypnol and put in womens drinks. It makes them black out and they don't remember anything. Next thing they remember is waking up in some dudes bed and they have no idea how they got there. Any man that does this is sick and deserves to be locked up for a very long time.

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    The one who is at fault is the one who forces it, or is physical when the other person is not of capacity to make a decision. Some will think that just by buying dinner, flirting, etc. that something is owed to them, such as sex. Some will slip something in your drink to make you unconscious and then take advantage of you. It can happen to both men and women. Sexual violence is usally always a matter of control, not about sex.

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    Date Rape is when you take a nice young lady to get the popular Italian dish Rape, pronounced "Ra-pay." After you do this you go down to your local Baptist church and do a couple Quran burnings, but not before you say grace!

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    Rape is always wrong, there's never an excuse.

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    Well date rape, is when a guy uses Ruphie or extacy and when you pass out they take control of you. Most likely guys are to do it more then girls but they both can try to attempt to do it. most of all when your ever at a party NEVER TAKE ANYTHING YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM! from a guy or girl

    peace good luck

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