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Don't you think Kentucky basketball is a disgrace?

Not to mention the John Calipari thing, but their history isn't something to be proud of. Their best coach in their history, Adoff Rupp, actually belived in black people will fold against white people when it comes to the big stage. If you have watch the movie glory road, or do some research, you should know what happened. And the black players that has play for the wildcats, they should keep that in mind that if wasn't for Don Haskin (btw, RIP to him) who saved their @$$es, they probably would still be water boys for the team. Hell, if Kentucky won that game, we wouldn't even be talking about the Kobe's, MJ's, Wade, etc etc etc etc etc.

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    That's all ancient History, Kentucky also has the second most NCAA Championships with 7 (UCLA 11). They have had sucess with coaches like Joe B Hall, Rick Pitino, and Tubby Smith. Aldoph Rupp was a bigot, he happened to know basketball. He also coaches in an era where very few Black players played for any major University. I am not saying that it was right, but he was not alone. (None of the teams in the SEC or ACC had black players.) It was just the way it was then. Yes, things have changed for the better since Texas Western beat Kentucky, but are you now going to discriminate against Kentucky for the faults of one Coach. He did recruit a couple of black players before he retired, did he see the error in his ways

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    Your view of history is a misconception. Truthfully, Rupp tried to recruit black players at one point, but the college was against it. NO coaches in the south had black players for many years, including Dean Smith (who coached your boy Rasheed) at North Carolina. Rupp got labeled as the ultimate racist because Kentucky had the most high profile program at that time. But none of the coaches in the SEC or ACC had black players until the later '60's. In 1969 Kentucky, with Rupp still as coach signed a black center named Tom Payne. He was the 1st to sign one in the SEC. Glory Road is BASED on some facts, but like most hollywood films, is somewhat fictional. For example, the scene where they have racist slurs directed at them & get popcorn thrown on them, was made up for the movie. Disney actually had to apologize to East TX State later. They also made the game close in the movie, but TX Western actually blew them out in real life.

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    Disregarding the race card, Kentucky has one of the most hallowed histories in College Bball. 13 Final Four Appearances. A few National Championships. They woud have one it in 91 if not for Laetner's lucky shot. It's a job Calipari said he had dreamed of having for a long time. Racism doesn't exist anymore on the basketball court.

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    Adolph Rupp lived in a different time. I am pround to be a Kentucky fan. I don't know what disgrace your talking about with Calipari. He wanted to come here. He turned down more money from Memphis to come here.

    EDIT - 502 said it best. Great Answer!!!

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  • dude things would not be like that today just because of a college basketball team. It was a cool story and did mean something but history shows people like martin luther king made the difference.

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    Kentucky has the 2nd best basketball program of all time after UCLA.

  • No, they have one of the more elite programs in the us compared to say Indiana....

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    go fail somewhere else

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