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What is your favorite Horror Movie?

Mine is

The Original goes to show you do not need blood and guts. epic special effects and a lot of money to make an Incredible movie.


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    Hello FFAF


    An American Werewolf In London.

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    Guess : )

    and I love the Saw films not for the gore but because of the story behind it.1 through 5 were awsome and brilliant.I mut say i do hope they finish soon because it's starting to look like a teevee series.BUT i want them to finish the story = )

    Yeah i like the original Halloween too.But i kind like the way Rob zombie did it.It wasn't so much of a remake as it was focusing MORE on Myers.But both great films

    here are some other i like

    The omen Original(1976)

    The shining(1980)

    The thing(1982)


    Dawn of the dead(1978 and 2004)

    jand many more...

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    Excellent taste, 1/2/4 are amazing movies.

    I also like:

    Childen of the Corn

    People Under the Stairs

    Evil Dead 1/2/3

    George Romero (anything)

    Night of the Living Dead


  • Mimi
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    Jeepers Creepers 1&2


    The Decent


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    John Carpenter is indeed a genius. While I do like Halloween, I'd have to say that The Thing is both my favorite film of his as well as my all time favorite horror movie.

  • Thats definitely one of the reasons I love the original Halloween series!

    My favorite horror movie is currently Suicide Club. It is an EPIC Japanese film. Check it out:

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    Eraserhead. It gives me a massive orgasm every time I watch it. As far as more traditional horror goes, I love The Exorcist, The Shining, The Omen, etc...

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    The Shining.

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    George A. Romero's Dead movies, except for Diary of the dead! that was a huge disappointment! The Crazies could take its spot

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    I love the nightmare on elm street movies

    take care


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